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Marius Tr'Lorin

Flight Patrol - Part 2

Gaia Squadron continued on its patrol in silence. Aerilo kept his position next to Jericho, in a half-stupor, only barely paying attention to the space around him. There wasn't going to be anything new, there never was. Aerilo glanced over his shoulder for Hammer's fighter, which remained as steady as the others. This was going to be boring.


Finally, Bethel's voice broke the silence, if only just. "So...." Aerilo replied, "So...."


"...I spy somethin white and shiny." Hammer laughed at his own attempt for a game.


Aerilo joined in. "Um... a star?"


Hammer chuckled. "Which star, doofus?"


"uhhhm... that star?"


Jericho finally broke in, both amused and exasperated. "I'm going to give both of you repair duty if I'm going to have to listen to you guess every single star in the quadrant. Let's glide through this asteroid belt here if you're so bored... I said glide!"


Aerilo and Hammer returned to their positions, laughing. "Awww, c'mon chief, just a little fun in the asteroids. We ain't gonna mess up our ships."


"I said glide, and I meant it. Remember you both still have cameras mounted on your birds."


Bethel broke in. "Why's it look kinda dark over there?"


Hammer laughed again. "We in space, Bethel. What do ya expect?"


"No, the asteroid, look at the asteroid. It's dark and cloudy looking."


Aerilo looked in front of them. There, one of the asteroids was covered in a dark cloud, which seemed to travel across it, in a wave.

"Is that... smoke?"


"Yeah, it looks like it surroundin that entire ast-roid, by it's left."


Jericho "Alright, Gaia, keep tight now. We're going over the asteroid, keep your eyes peeled. Weapon's armed. Smoke means fire or bogey, and neither is good. Full speed, mark."


Gaia Squadron rounded the asteroid. Below them, a large Scorpiad ship burned brightly. Smoke and flames twisted and curled around the ship, nearly obscuring it from view. Other smaller ships surrounded it, already burnt and broken beyond recognition. Hammer yelled out, "Whoa, what the hell happened?"


They circled the carnage, as Jericho kept up a speech. "Must've been the Al-Ucards or the Eratians. They're attacking the Scorpies more openly now. They're starting to get too close to Camelot now, too close for comfort. We should inform Camelot of this wreckage here. This is a lot closer to Camelot than before. Alright, everyone, we're heading..."


Suddenly the bright beam of a phaser shot across, nearly striking Aerilo across the nose, causing the asteroid behind them to explode.

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