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Marius Tr'Lorin

Flight Patrol-Part 1

[The following takes place after Farrell Log Two and "A Little Problem."]



Aerilo flopped down into the cockpit, exceptionally annoyed. He just lost the fun part about Fighter duty. No more flips, rolls, or dives? What was the point anymore? It might as well have been a Shuttle run now. Why? He pounded his fist into the side armrest, where there weren't any buttons or possibly fragile equipment. No fun. no fun at all.


Grudgingly, he could understand why the repair crew would like them to return to the station with the fighters intact. After all, he had been in their boots at one time, having to repair the ships others flew. But still, if you had the ability to know when a maneuver would damage the ship and when it wouldn't, then what was the big deal? Sure, Aerilo 'hotdogged' a lot... but he didn't have many damages under his belt either. Sure, he flattened a side of ship after trying to race through an asteroid field... But the ships turning was faulty, and the ship tried a sliding maneuver when he didn't have the ability enabled. That wasn't his fault...


Aerilo flicked multiple switches on unenthusiastically, and the ship came to life. As one group, the Gaia Squadron departed Camelot Station, in a disciplined formation, as usual. Once they exited the station's space, squad rigidly remained in formation. The comm lines were silent.


Aerilo stared down at his joystick, his fingers itching to give it a little jerk. He looked around at the other fighters. They remained steady. Aerilo sighed. This sucks. He twitched his fingers a bit, causing a slight tilt and then immediately righted himself. Aerilo looked around again, only to see maybe another twitch elsewhere, but nothing more. The continued on a few more minutes, in complete silence. Hammer's voice finally broke the silence.


"So... Are they gonna say we can't do any hotdog manuevers in a dogfight now? Are we limited to barrel rolls or something?"


Aerilo smirked. "I don't know Hammer... when it came to dogfights, Pepper Hare always said "Do a Barrel Roll!"


[To be continued...]

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