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Marius Tr'Lorin

Flight Patrol-Preface

Aerilo stood in his cramped quarters, pulling on his standard squadron uniform. Luckily, it was comfortable and thin, since they normally had to wear jumpsuits on top of these, which were more bulky and not nearly as comfortable. Aerilo grabbed his badge, then stood in front of the nearby mirror, straightening his collar. He was excited, his body quivering with anticipation. It was Wednesday: Fighter Patrol Day for Gaia. Ready, Aerilo stepped out into the busy corridor, and headed for the Fighter Hangar Bay.


15 Minutes later, He arrived in the hangar, then made an immediate left straight into their squadron's ready room . He sat down next to one of his friends, "Hammer." Why he got that callsign, he had no idea, but he accepted it all the same. Aerilo grabbed the jumpsuit hanging nearby. "Ready for Hammer-time?"

Hammer, half smirked, half grimaced. "Man, you know we ain't gonna find nuthin out in this little black square. This is the *hub* of every power out here. Anyone comes over, they gonna be shot to little candlesticks before we even get to unlock our guns."

Aerilo smirked as well. "Well, at least we get flying time. Fighters too, not some crappy type-6's."


Just then, Lt. Jericho strode in, fully dressed. "Alright, ladies, cut the chatter. We're going patrol route 56, farthest mini-sector from Camelot. Happy? Got it? Right, Good. Hammer, rear flank, Bethel, you're his wingman. Streak, cover the top. Aero, you're with me. Let's move out!"

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