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Cardassia's Battle

It was exactly what they feared.


The Federation had finally diffused the tension along the border by formally requesting permission for their task force to cross Cardassian space. Ambassador Dukor had relayed the results of his meeting with the Federation Council on Earth. Cardassia had made it's point, exercised its sovereignty. In the interests of preserving good relations, the ships of the Cardassian Fourth Order which had been sent to block Starfleet were instead ordered to escort them on their mission.


And now the attackers had decided to include Cardassia in their onslaught. Just as members of the Presidium had warned.


* * * * *


The Castellian strode briskly into the darkened, underground situation room. Marshall Marratt was already waiting for him next to the giant oval display, broadcasting an "I-told-you-so" look at its highest volume. Beside him was the senior prefect from Quinor, who had expressed his fear that Cardassia would be included in reprisals from the Fluidic invaders. (See previous log, Ultimatum)


"They are heading straight for us," the prefect blurted.


"Starfleet joined the battle against the Fluidics almost as soon as they arrived at the scene of the attack," Marratt concluded.


"So much for opening a diplomatic discussion with them," the Foreign Minister scoffed, recalling the communique from the ambassador in orbit.


"Yes," Marratt agreed snidefully. "As you requested, our warships joined in. It's not clear what casualties we've suffered for them, but when Starfleet fell back, they led them right into our space!" His voice raised in pitch. "Right to our doorstep. Again."


The Castellan felt the color rise along his neck ridges, pounding against his eye sockets. It was just like the Breen attack. How much would Cardassia suffer this time? This wasn't a polticial challenge or a vote of no confidence he faced. At the end of the war, he'd joined the members of his Order at Sarpedion who betrayed the Dominion and joined Starfleet in launching the liberation of their world. It had been the right choice. Now, it seemed he'd misplaced his faith in Federation strength and more of his people might die because of it. There weren't even any Union interests at stake – Cardassia and the First Federation had minimal relations.


A glinn at the communications console spoke up. "Marshall, we've confirmed a report that the Aegis support ship has been destroyed." Those assembled noted a flashing red indicator on the board, now turning transparent beside the words USS Pandora's Box.


The Castellan felt his heart drop within his chest. Had they lost one of their few champions? "Launch the Home Guard," he announced, "and recall whatever Orders you can." For all his anger, Marratt nodded curtly and started issuing directives. At least the Breen attack had prompted them to improve their defenses.


This was the Federation's mess. But it was Cardassia's battle now.

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