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Travis Kroells

Travis Kroells



SUBJECT: Travis Kroells (Special Notice: Subject is a former Starfleet officer, all non-classified data has been transferred to this document)




Name: Travis Jon Kroells

Merchant ID #: 1988-86-0442-K

Age: 30

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6’4

Weight: 200 lbs

File Photo:





Eyes: Blue/Green (Hazel)

Hair: Brown

Scars: Left Shoulder on the scapula (from shuttle accident), backside and palm of left hand (from unknown knife, attacker unknown), left foot (from .357 projectile round, shooter unknown)




Graduating Class: 2375 (93rd Percentile, Earth Academy, Science Division)

Major: Spatial Anomalies Minor: AI. and Holoprograming

Years In Service: 3 (2375-2378)

Ships Served: USS Vermont, Oberth Class

USS Reaent-G, Ambassador Class

Special Notes: Co-Developer of the Kroells-Garnoopy Array, similar to the towed arrays used by submersibles in the 21st Century. Scaled for both shuttle use. Fleet ships will be supplemented with the array for their shuttlecraft upon their next scheduled refit. The Civilian patent (filed by Mr. Kroells) is filed as the “Kroells Array”.




1 Count of Illegal Weapons Possession (Served eight months on New Zealand labor colony, barred from owning any firearms until 2412, served in 2382)


2 Counts of Public Intoxication (2376, 2381)








Born in 2353, Travis was raised by his aunt and uncle on Earth. He entered Starfleet at the standard age, graduating near the top of his class with a flawless record, save a shuttle accident with two other classmates. Graduating in 2375, he never saw action in the Dominion War, serving on the USS Vermont, an Oberth Class ship doing a deep space shakedown in the Beta Quadrant.


In 2376 he transferred to the USS Reaent, an Ambassador Class ship based in the Beta Quadrant. The distance from Earth kept him from seeing his family, but he kept in touch with most of them, including fellow classmates from the Academy Mark Garrison and the Ferengi, Mog.


In 2378, after two years on the Reaent, Travis was discharged from Starfleet. Until 2381 records on Kroells are sketchy. There is little besides a few bills and docking slips that provide evidence to his activities over these three years.


The first publicly recorded action attributed to Kroells occurred on January 2nd 2382 (Earth Standard Time). Kroells deposited a large sum of money, won at the Ferengi game tongo. After giving the Ferengi Alliance it’s proper cut of course.


A little over a month later, Travis would be arrested for illegal arms possession, punishable by up to ten years on a Federation penal colony. Due to his Starfleet record, and other circumstances, Kroells was sentenced to a year at the New Zealand penal colony, but was released after eight months for good behavior.


For several months after his release, he worked with Mog, who had developed a successful shipping business. In the months following this, Travis repurchased the lease on the Holy Grail, which had been owned by Mog and a relative, John. By mid 2383 Travis had reopened the Grail.

Edited by Travis Kroells

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