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Marius Tr'Lorin

Aerilo Perez

Personnel File:Aerilo Perez

Full Name:Aerilo Mario Diego Basilio Perez

Callsign: Aero

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, Earth

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown




Name: Lorenzo Mario Ortega Perez

Race: Human

Occupation: Shuttle Mechanic


Name: Emilia Vera Cecilia Basilio Perez

Race: Human

Occupation: N/A


Siblings: 1

Jaime Columbo Basilio Perez

-Brother, 22, Civilian Research Assistant


Interests: Flight, Thrill Attractions, Hoverboarding, Music


Distinguishing Features:

-Scars on Right Shoulder and Knee: Hoverboarding Accident

-Cross Tattoo on Left Forearm


Rank: Lieutenant j.g.

Current Assignment: Pilot, Gaia Squadron, Camelot Station

Last Assignment: Deck Crewman, Deep Space Nine


-Primary: Piloting-Starfleet Academy

-Additional: Flight Academy-San Diego, Earth




Aerilo is son to a lower-class Hispanic family, situated in lower L.A. Aerilo helped his father at the local shuttle repair shop, and would take them for "test" flights after repairs were made. One day a customer who happened to be part of the Terran Air Force returned early for his shuttle, and witnessed Aerilo's stunts. Aerilo was immediately recruited.


Aerilo then went to the Flight Academy. He was disliked by most of his fellow students, but made a few friends. He excelled at his training, although he was occasionally rebuked for exceptionally dangerous and unauthorized stunts. He was soon recommended to Starfleet Academy, but whether he was recommended for his exception flight skills, or to place him in an environment without a ground he might crash into, is unclear.


Regardless, Aerilo flourished in the Starfleet Academy, and became more popular with both other cadets and with teachers. Aerilo struggled in Core Classes and Cross-Training, but was able to pass with top marks on all piloting and small-craft engineering courses.


After Graduating, Aerilo was enlisted as a mechanic and prep. crewman onboard Deep Space Nine, until he was offered a position as a pilot in Camelot Station, along with a promotion to Lieutenant j.g. He currently flies with Gaia Squadron, under the command of Lieutenant Jericho.

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