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Marius Tr'Lorin

"Taming the Bird"

Aerilo pushed the throttle to full speed, then shot upward, and then immediately flipped over then shot back down, while pulling on the yaw as hard as he could. Then he went for a half-corkscrew, but ended with a quick barrel roll. Wow, rollercoasters could only wish they could be this bad! Aerilo pulled the smallest loop he could, then he readied himself for tail drag spin...


Lieutenant Jericho's voice pierced the engine noise. "Aero, will you cut that out! We're flying Type-6 Shuttles to Avalon, not dogfighting in Lancelots! Do you want repair duty like Bethel?"


Aerilo sombered up. "No sir. Sorry sir." He fell in formation, although most of them had been doing a few loops and rolls themselves. Aerilo considered a few choice words in his native tongue, but knew the permanent voice-over was locked on. Plus, Jericho had modified his universal translator to change Spanish as well, since Aerilo had a fiery tongue. Aerilo looked wistfully at the voicebox on one side, then bit his mouth closed.


"Now, can we please make it planetside looking somewhat disciplined rather than a cloud of chaos? Good. Move up to full impulse. Mark."


As one unit, the squadron of shuttles sped off towards Avalon, on a rather long and boring mission of cargo pick-up. And there's not even an in-flight movie.

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