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LeftEar JoNs

Excalibur Mission Updates

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11.09.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


MISSION BRIEF: We're under siege by the Cult with intruders on three decks, engineering, on their way to sickbay, and on deck five. In space the battle rages.


TBS: Two Days, long enough to arrive at Miriamano


- Engineering, Medical, the Bridge Crew, SEC and Marine patrols, and the Fighter Wing were all called to action to deal with the external and internal threats posed by the Blood Cult.


- The Blood Cult boarders were repelled, most are dead, a few are taken prisoner.


- Casualties include: Dr. Patterson and her unborn child, Ensign Laural, Security Officer Dougt, SCPO Farrell, and numerous others.


- The 310th Fighter Wing was successful in routing the Cult Raider craft on the external side of the battle as well.


- After a flip remark regarding canine based humor made by the XO on the bridge, Commander JoNs discovered the hard way that Captain Corizon definitely does not play favorites.


- The Excalibur will now continue her flight to the Miriamano Homeworld and the storage archives maintained on the world.

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11.16.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: One Hour


MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur is on approach to the Miramo Archives. The planet itself is mostly in ancient ruins. The archive itself, a massively sprawling complex with thousands of terebytes of information stored digitally along with original records dating back before the founding of the Dominion. In sickbay, Patterson and Doug are recovering. Security has a few remaining prisoners that Corizon has to decide what to do with. We also took aboard some of the ruined fighters and a data core from one of the raiders.


- Medical has quite a few patients recovering emotionally as well as physically thanks to the Blood Cult soldiers who boarded the ship


- The Executive Officer discussed the discovery of the “Spider Mole” (a robotic infiltrator that had attached itself deep in a crawlway) with the Chief of Engineering Admiran and the new Engineering Provisional Officer Asyle (who discovered the little bugger). The Mole enabled the Cult Raiders to have a tactical advantage during the firefight.


- The Bridge crew received clearance to enter into orbit above Miriamano; Second Officer Commander Laarell handled the bridge shift.


- Captain Corizon visited the medical bay to get his broken jaw looked at and offer some comfort to Doctor Patterson on her loss.


- Security maintains a few of the surviving Cult soldiers in the brig; the warriors are being questioned, and Lieutenants Victria and Garrison continue to watch them like hawks. I think Vic wants to bite ‘em again.


Captains Note: Next week we’ll continue the uplink and have a look around

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11.30.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Six Hours Pre-Sim, Three Hours Post Sim


Mission Brief: The Excalibur has arrived in orbit of the Miriamo Archives and has begun the data upload of thousands of years of recorded history. The planet itself lay in ancient ruins, save for the Central Library Archives, which remains mostly intact. It is clear that this planet was once very important. The Archivists have given us permission to beam down away teams to do some looking around of our own.


- Engineering continues to work on their countermeasure device to guard against any more technological intruders such as the Spider Mole employed by the Blood Cult raiding party. The Excal countermeasure beasties look just like small mechanical wasps. Dude, where’s my bug spray?


- Medical deals with multiple patient injuries and recoveries that are healing within the medical bay. We had a semi-cranky vampire with a broken foot, tended to by the CMO. A bullheaded Klingon patient was also dealt with. And, CMO Wydown laid down the law with a recovering and disruptive Security officer.


- The bridge ops were left in the XO’s command paws.


- The Captain and his Away Team (Teykier, Khal, Tr’Lorin, Ramson, Security Escort) zoomed down to the Miriamano planet for some library and general planetary recon via the Captains Yacht.

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12.07.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Six Hours


- The disorderly security officer has now been made a medical orderly, helping out in the medical bay after his primary shift in Security.

- The XO is semi traumatized by that one friendly wasp that landed on her head, and the other one who crawled into a pocket.

- The Captain and his away team are still searching around a really big and old library; the site offers many many research opportunities, with both digital and actual hardcopy options.

- The Science dept is still cataloging all the incoming data.

- The Engineering dept likes their new mechanical tech countermeasure wasps, and they are moving forward with the project.


Note: The Away team is welcome to come back to the ship, and start checking out the library in shifts as well. As for the crew? The Command Team really didn't get into the whole Shore Leave thing, so let's stick with the 6 hour TBS, stay with what we did during the 12.07.08 Sim, and go from there for the next Sim.

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12.14.08 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Five Days


- The data upload from the Miriamano Library Archives is completed. Science continues to process the data.


- The Blood Cult prisoners will be shot back into their home space via escape pods.


- A briefing was called by Captain Corizon among the senior officers and department heads.


- The Library data yielded a solid lead: a direct trail to a planet where the Founders may have hid out, or at the very least a chance to find the device that will locate them or to find where the Founders went next.


- The new planet is three weeks away at Warp 7. It is known as the Black Marsh. The surface contains cooler marshland, jungle, and high radiation levels. And, the data charts and graphs on record about the Marsh are ten thousand years old, so the Excal crew really doesn’t know how much the planet and sector surrounding the planet may have changed.


- Preparations: once we are in range of the Black Marsh, a fighter recon team will be sent out to assess the sector, with the Excal keeping distance a few light years away. Marines and Security officers will be tapped to participate in the landing party; Captain Ah-Windu Corizon himself will lead the team, with Commander L.E. JoNs remaining on standby backup on the ship.


- Personnel: The new Brikar Security officer made some patrol rounds, butting heads with the provisional Engineering officer, and the wasp defense project continues with the engineers and Security officer Beckman assisting them. Medical started their new part time orderly.

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02.01.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 3 Hours


- Wireless communications are unavailable between the Excalibur and the landing party down on the Black Marsh Planet. Sciences had been monitoring the away team, but when the wireless went blinkity, there was no longer a tracking fix on them as well. Otherwise, things remain quiet for the departments of Medical and Engineering.


- Quiet? Klepto CENG and the Captains booze held hostage, say what?


- A garbled distress call of unknown origin, claiming an attack by raiders, managed to break through the garbled communications, originating away from the planet. Is this all a trap? And are the communications being deliberately jammed?


- Dude, where’s our landing party?


- The XO made the decision to break orbit, leave the away team in an unknown situation, and investigate the distress call.


- This move did not sit well with some of the officers on watch duty, but hey, that’s why the panther has tension back problems and gets that shiny XO designation sign on her office door.


- The fighter squads on patrol and monitoring the sensor pod buoys placed about the planetary vector by the flight teams were left to patrol the area around the planet in case contact was re-established with the landing party.


- The landing party, with the exception of the Captain and the Al Ucard security officer, who were both on separate patrols away from the camp, were all ambushed at the camp and drugged by darts and then dragged away by Lizard-like beings.


- Hostile Lizards? Now that’s what I call a bad day at work


Notes for when we pick up next sim:


- Fighters left in orbit, per CAG Ramson: 9.


- There has also been one additional pick up shuttle/escort launched just in case, and the AT also has the original shuttle that made planet fall as well.


- The Excal will be entering sensor range of this unknown originator signal.


- The Away Team with the two exceptions will be held in a hole in a cave.

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02.08.09 Excalibur Mission Update:

TBS: Ten Minutes


- The Away Team are held captive by the Lizard like beings who we assume call the Black Marsh home. The cave-like pit they are held in is smooth from years of erosion, with little or no hand holds for traction; climbing the walls would make a dicey situation even more unstable. Lieutenant Mark Garrison remains in critical condition, and the rest of the landing party have various dings and bruises. Captain Corizon and Lt. Victria remain free and at large.


- The Excalibur reaches the source of the distress signal; a cargo freighter is under attack by pirate raiders. The attackers employ fighter-grade ships as well as a base ship similar in class to the Federations Intrepid type of ships; Excalibur reserve fighters are deployed on CAG Commander Ramson’s orders, and the XO ordered return fire on the Raiding party.


- Various Bridge personnel are kept busy with the prep work and evasive maneuvers and weapons fire from the skirmish. Commander Teykier and Lt. Tia bolster the incoming data through their sciences sensors to feed battle information to Helm Cat Khal and the Tactical officer.


- Engineering and Medical remain on standby, for any repairs and injuries from the cargo ship. CENG Commander Admiran and the Medical doctors on duty were contacted by Executive Officer JoNs.


- The skirmish will continue during the ten minute time between sims, and the landing party remains in custody of the reptiles.

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02.17.09 Excal Mission Updates:


TBS: 30 minutes


- Black Marsh Planet: Our Dameon Captain and Al-Ucard Security Officer, both still free on the planets surface, continue to work out a plan of attack against the local Lizards. The captive away team members got into some funny water; a base form of Ketracel White infects the local tree sap, and therefore the planetary water supply. It’s all about the White Water maaaaaaaaaaaan.


- Sector Raider Battle: the pirates finally veered off and pulled out. Excal fighters and support craft were recalled and Engineering and Medical response teams were beamed over to the damaged freighter ship to render assistance. The First Officer accompanied the response teams, with the Second Officer left in command of the Excalibur.

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02.22.09 Excalibur Mission Update:

TBS: None


- Away Team: Jungle Planet: The Lizzard overlords who captured the team finally divulged that the team had violated a sacred grove, which led to the initial attack and capture of the landing party. Corizon and Victria managed to reach the Away Team, freeing them from the cave


- Excalibur: Cargo Ship: Repairs continue, and the Medical and Engineering teams from the Excalibur continue to work over on the semi-crippled freighter. The cargo hauler should be ready to ship out again in a few hours once most of the systems have been stabilized.


Captains Note: within the next few weeks, we will be starting our special “Buccaneers of the Blade” plot line. Within this Alternate Universe, the Romulan Empire is the main power that controls the quadrants, and our Excal crew will play as a pirate crew that has taken over the Excalibur; start thinking about your piratical quirks and alternate biography mateys.

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03.01.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 30 Minutes


- Away Team: Black Marsh Planet: the team stumbled (literally) onto hidden chambers and rooms within the cave complex. The “Grail” was located, and there are hopes that this device will lead to contact with the missing Founders.


- Excalibur: Cargo Vessel Assistance: repairs were completed on the damaged freighter, the repair teams were recalled, and the ship made preparations to head back to the Black Marsh.


- Other: The tarantula is not dead. Commander Teykier and her venom injected self may be in some pain over the next few days.


Note: March Madness 2009 Log Competition


The Excalibur Command team is pleased to announce the second Excalibur March Madness log competition!


The rules are pretty simple, starting today and running until March 29, any log written for Excalibur will be eligible for the "competition". Awards will be given in three categories: Command Team's Choice and Player's Pick, and separate one from non-plot logs. Command Team's choice will be selected from all entrants and be chosen by the CO and XO in both single person and joint-log categories, while player's pick will be selected by the crew at-large. However, you may only enter one piece for each type of award, (You can write a joint log and a single person log, as well as a non-plot log.) you can however enter in all three catagories.


To make a log eligible, all you need to do is include the tag: EMM09 in the Topic Description line.


Prizes will include "Get Out of ANY Peril FREE" cards and a healthy dose of satisfaction. As well everyone who enters will get a famed "Get Out of N'Dak-induced Peril FREE" card. Non-Excalibur players are also encouraged to participate, they simply need to e-mail either myself or Commander JoNs, or may participate in a jointt-log with a current Excalibur player. Additionally, the winner of GM choice will get a surprise bonus prize.


Good luck everyone, and let the madness begin!

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03.08.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: One Month


- The Excalibur re-established orbit at Black Marsh planet and Captain Corizon and his Away Team returned to the Excalibur. All Search and Rescue, Fighters, and Troop Transport (away team) pilots were recalled to the ship as well.


- The Grail, the device that will supposedly enable contact with the missing Founders, was located planet side, brought onboard the ship and placed under guard.


- Lieutenant Victria of House Mordan is troubled over the Away Teams encounter with the Odo Founder who initially led them to the device.


- The members of the landing party are sent to sickbay for a thorough check after the mission.


- The Excalibur begins the four month journey back to Camelot Station in order to deliver the device to the authorities.


- At the beginning of the next sim, the Excalibur will be entering/coming up on the outer perimeter area of what at one time may have been a space port – Intel is sketchy on the general sector area at times.


- Corizon discovered that Commander Tandaris Admiran took a case of his prized booze hostage: the chief engineers demands include replacement equipment, and repair of the taxed systems of the Excalibur.


- XO Left Ear’s general opinion of the Infamous Booze Incident is: In Character, she thinks the Trill Engineer is toast. Out of Character, I’m laughing my you know what off. Busted!

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03.15.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 24 Hours


- The Excalibur arrived at an abandoned spaceport, no one shot at us and there was no BOOM-age. We're off to a pretty good start.


- There will be both shore leave and scavenging parties sent out to check out the spaceport and what the site may offer in way of supplies and entertainment.


- The battle damage hole in the top of the command bridge is *not* that big, and the emergency force fields are handling the gap nicely. It's not like the damage is comparable to, oh ... I don't know, a part of Australia getting blown up (see Agincourt Mission Updates). G’DAY!

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03.22.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 3 Hours


- Supply scavenger teams as well as staggered shore parties were sent planet side; representatives from all departments were sent.


- Captain Corizon approached Doctor Wydown about ways to keep the crew from going space mad during the three month journey back to Camelot Station; it has been a trying few months and everyone is tired.


- Marine recon teams explored and patrolled the ground levels, while Pilot flight teams patrolled the skies above.


- The Pulsar star exuded some spiked and strange readings; several crew people experienced minor headaches.


Captains Note: The Pirate-Verse plotline will start April 5.

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03.29.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: None given


Note: The Buccaneers of the Blade alternate universe plot begins on April 5.


- Captain Corizon was informed that the crew headaches seem to coincide with the pulsar star that Sciences is studying. So far, the symptoms are not severe, but the department along with the medical department starts to form a theory that the spikes and headaches are related.


- Scans also picked up the remnants of a cargo ship crashed on the surface of the planet: perhaps a crew who did not figure out what was going on quickly enough? Did their crew succumb to the spikes and crash their vessel? And is the pulsar the reason that the planet has been abandoned?


- Lieutenant Garrison and Commander Teykier investigated the crash site, finding a black box recorder device that no doubt will shed some light on the situation.


- The supply scavenging teams continue to scour the abandoned planetary city and spaceport for usable materials. Shore leave parties continue to enjoy the break from routine.


- All personnel will eventually be recalled back to the Excalibur, and the ship will break orbit to continue the trip back to Camelot station.

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04.05.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 24 Hours


Note: This marks the first sim of our Buccaneers of the Blade Alternate Universe Plot


- It has been six months since the pirate crew under Captain Ah-Windu Corizon commandeered the Imperial ship Excalibur for thier own piratical uses. Over these several months, thier reputation as a crew to be reckoned with has grown as they have cut a swath of villiany across the sectors, striking mainly Imperial and some non Imperial targets.


- The ship and crew prepare to warp out to their next destination, the Otara Cluster, specifically Comal Vi, site of a black ops Terran/Human research center. The Captain has plans about a viral agent being worked on at the site … as well as some Cold Station viral storage options. Nasty place, this is.


- Corizon is acquainted with the person who is in charge of the facilities.


- A young stowaway with healing powers hitched a ride in one of the stolen cargo containers.


- Missing medical supplies were discovered; Doctor Rue and her staff are on the prowl.


- General piratical quirks were going on tonight: w00t!

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04.12.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 12 Hours, we arrive in the uninhabited Nakkon Prime system. Our target remains the secret base and various Viral "goodies" that are stored there.


- The Pirate ship Excalibur continues heading towards the Otara Cluster.


- Commander Teykier will be the bait to lure out an old enemy of the Captain's; this mysterious old “friend” runs the secret base hidden in the Comal system within the area of the Cluster.


- Corizon orders an attack on a cargo vessel to sweeten the reputation, let the sector know that the big bad pirate rebels have arrived, and generally cover the Excals approach to this secret target base. The freighter had some surprises in the form of advanced defensive weaponry, and gave the pirate ship and crew a run for their money.


- Another stowaway (Maryse) was phasered and detained by the Security forces, but young Kallah has escaped.


- The command team has a bit of a spat on the bridge regarding the attack on the cargo ship; Left Ear did not totally agree with Corizons methods.


- The Medical department dealt with some incoming injuries due to the battle with the cargo vessel.

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04.19.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Day and a Half


- The SS Excal is currently still heading towards the sector of space targeted by Captain Corizon, that contains the somewhat hidden and unknown (translation: its important) Imperial starbase commanded by an "old friend".


- Captain Corizon and Commander Left Ear JoNs seem to have come to a mutual understanding for right now.


- Commander Laarell has been dispatched on a shuttle as further "bait" to draw out the intended base administrator.


- The Engineering officers discuss plotting as well as repairs to keep the big warship running.


- A Terran spy (Maria Zier) is revealed to be on the Medical staff, courtesy of stowaway Maryse.


- Kallah, a ten year old girl of unknown origin, is questioned by CMO Rue.


- Otherwise, we have wheeling, dealing, stowaways, and general pirate-y shenanigans and games afoot. Woo!

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04.26.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Very Short


- The bait (also known as Commander Teykier) has arrived at Comal, and encountered the director of the base, one Lieutenant Fiona Weber. The plan has been set in motion, and Teykier will give the Captain and his pirate crew that *in* to distract Weber and allow us access to the womans supplies.


- Captain Corizon has called a meeting to discuss phase 2 of the plan to breach the base. Plans are made: Corizon will be leading a small fighter and landing party team going straight in to spring the trap that Weber is planning - which is spring Laarell from a prison transport. Commander Left Ear JoNs will be taking the Excal, and remainder of the command officers and crew, to attack the base and commence the full raid on the supplies and weapons and such housed at the base while the pirate Captain distracts Weber and her resources from the real issue - the Excalibur. Both teams will rendezvous in three days.


- Corizon's personal assistant, t'Temarr, will remain on board the Excal so no one gets ideas ... and will have access to his agonizer command codes in case any of the crew gets all perky what with the captain off the ship.


- The plans are all set in motion as of the end of the sim.

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04.03.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: None


- Captain Corizon led a rescue party to spring Laarell from the prison ship. His old enemy (or whatever they are to one another, either way, there is some tension between these two), Fiona Weber, was encountered, as well as three Defiant class escort ships.


- Meanwhile, Commander JoNs, in command of the SS Excalibur and those crew members not with the rescue party, went for the real target – Weber’s starbase with all the booty loot and goodies. Raider teams were beamed over with orders to haul or tag any good looking loot, or the loot contained within the client listings of Captains Personal Aide Lilet t’Temarr, and the big warship said “hello” to the base officials via a couple of photon ‘torps. Now that’s what I call a doorbell. Boom.


- CMO Rue and her eclectic medical staff gear up for any incoming injuries.


- Will both teams make the rendezvous in three days? Will Corizon and Weber meet in an epic confrontation? Will Exec Officer JoNs spring a mutiny? And what’s up with the Chief Engineer Admiran and his group? Are they tinkering with codes? Will Lilet spring the Agonizer codes that Corizon left with her if a coup were to be set off? Will the correct mutineers be targeted? If any?

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05.10.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: 3 Hours


- Both assault plans were successful all around.


- Captain Corizon and his rescue assault team dealt with arch enemy Weber, and the search is underway on the prison ship to locate Laarell Teykier. Meanwhile, Commander Left Ear JoNs and the crew who remained on the SS Excal successfully boo yah-ed the target starbase and stripped it of the viral agents/weapons that will fetch a high price on certain black markets.


- There was a to do on the main bridge: JoNs gambled and lost in her quest for the Agonizer codes. Lilett t'Temar got knocked out. Tactical Officer Doug T was shot and killed by the Ex Oh. When the Dogs away the Cat and Crew will play.


- Medical got swamped with injured from the raider party teams. Chief Engineer Admiran is doing some tinkering of his own to disable the crew Agonizer codes.


- Corizon now boasts two captured Defiants, a prison ship, and a warship in his Fleet. Toyz.

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05.17.09 SS Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: None. We continue with Pirate plot for a little while longer.


- The SS Excalibur crew is back together on the big warship; we now warp to a drop off point to sell the acquired freighter and star base goods.


- Captain Corizon gave Commander Lefty JoNs a zap of the agonizer for her actions against his consort, Lilet t’Temarr; Lilet won this round. CENG Tandaris Admiran continues to deal with multiple personalities that inhabit his body/mind. Several tactical officers were shot. Doctor Maria Zier, discovered as a spy, was run clear through by the Captain with his sword.


- Per the Captain: we'll be at Islia Crani next week, the sim will run on plot for Memorial Day weekend.

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05.24.09 SS Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: To Be Determined via Captains Email


- The SS Excal continues towards the drop off point where we will unload the cargo we captured from the Imperial starbase.


- Laarell encounters the multiple personalities of Engineer Admiran; in the process, the two discuss some various plotting maneuvers. Other departments are operating within normal parameters.


- A Sovereign class ship, the Dresden, and two Defiant class (the Devastator and the Eradicator) escorts are detected on sensors; the Imperial Starfleet ships open fire on the SS Excal, and the former Imperial Fleet ship turned hijacked pirate warship is launched into a fight for survival as the pirates attempt to save their collective skins.


- Unfortunately, the Excals defense measures proves to be her undoing – the Dresden is able to detonate the Excals own launched mines, crippling the pirate warship. As the battle rages, both of the ships give each other a shellacking.

- Engineering deals with repair work, as Medical deals with incoming wounded.


- The Excals Romulan employers ride to the rescue: two Rihan warbirds decloak and assist the embattled pirate ship.


- It is revealed that Captain Corizon is actually a Lieutenant Colonel within the Romulan Tal Shiar … how will this new information redirect the balance of power on the pirate ship?

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05.31.09 SS Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: No Pirate TBS. We pick up back in Regular Universe for next sim, Camelot Station.


- This sim marks the end of our Pirate Universe plot line.


- Captain Corizon has a new plan: completely break from our Rihan employers and start to attack and sack the outlying Rihan colony worlds. Commander JoNs expresses her desire to collect on personal bounties in the area, while Charlotte Matsumura approaches Rue about cosmetic surgery to meet up with an old friend who has gone undercover in Rihan space. Mreh Khal gives young Kansas JoNs a carved bone trinket that will allow her access to his family if the kitten ever needs to escape.


- Commander Teykier heads down to Engineering to speak with CENG Admiran and his various … personalities, regarding plans to possibly launch a coup.


- Corizon and his consort Lilet as well plot against most of the crew; you might say they have plans to clean house.


- A firefight erupts on the bridge when Tandaris’s one personality launches the semi-coup; Teykier is caught in the crossfire, and Lt. Beckman of Tactical gets hit as well. The consort t’Temarr backs Corizon of course, but it would seem Kroells has his own plans as well.


- Okay, there was so much mutli-vector plotting going on the last half hour of the sim, all I have to say is: w00t! That rocked out people! Nice job!

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06.07.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: Short


- The USS Excalibur, battered and damaged from our Gamma Quadrant adventures, docks at Camelot Station.


- The crew is practically climbing the bulkheads, eagerly awaiting some much needed shore leave. Per CAG Lt. Cmdr. Kallah Ramson, she has pilots who will plot courses of escape soon if not granted shore leave. Meanwhile, Lt. Victria wonders if the balance of power (Al-Ucard and Scorpiad civil war) within the quadrant will compromise her own ship board position.


- Vorta Lexin takes possession of the Founder communication device and disappears in a purple transport haze to scurry back to his Council after speaking with Captain Corizon.


- Certain other power elements (Vorta Semil) in the quadrant express a desire to base personnel to not be left out of the so called Founder action.


- Corizon departs the ship for debrief with station command personnel; next sim, he will be on his way back to the Excal, and the senior crew (all players) will be gathering for a debrief from the Captain.

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06.14.09 Excalibur Mission Update:


TBS: One Week


- The Excalibur will require one month of repairs and refit.


- The crew will be temporarily re-assigned to the USS Union (Excelsior Class).


- Our assignment is to retrieve abandoned Scorpiad salvage; the technology is considered highly important.


- The command staff, crew, senior line officers and department heads all have one week to grab some shore leave and get settled into their new assignment and ship.

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