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Cptn Corizon

Rosters: Excalibur and Camelot Station

Current: 5.9.11


Denotes LOA


+= NPC


*= Excalibur Starburst of Excellence

^= Crispin Xavier Stamina Award

&= Captain's Quill and PADD Award


(!) = Order of the Round Table




Command Division: This division is lead by the command staff and contains the enlisted division of Administrative Command. All Departments ultimately report to this division. It is led by the Commanding Officer. In addition key functions normally termed "Operations" such as communications and navigation, fall under this division. Tactical, which handles weapons control and defensive systems operation, also works nominally within this department to operate communications equipment. Essentially, the Executive officer functions as the 'Chief of Operations,' and coordinates the cross-department functions of bridge and ship operations.


Commanding Officer- Captain Asher Swain (!)

Executive Officer- Commander Ruth "Rue" Wydown (!)



Helm/Navigation- OPEN

Operations- Lieutenant, J.G. Faeona (Fae) Waters

Tactical- Rotated Through Security



Engineering: This division is tasked with the maintenance and operation of the vessel's systems. As a unit, they contain the enlisted division of Technical Engineering and Operations Support, and they work closely with the Air Group. The unit is led by the Chief of Engineering.


Chief of Engineering- Commander Tandaris Admiran *&(!)

Assistant Engineer- Lieutenant Commander Marius tr'Lorin*

Assistant Engineer- Ensign Sean Howard^&(!)

Assistant Engineer- OPEN

Assistant Engineer- OPEN



Medical: This division's task is obvious—the care and welfare of the crew. In practice, the medical division works closely with all departments, but particularly with science when dealing with threats to the ship, or new problems that may arise in a given mission. There is no dedicated enlisted division that coincides with Medical, however the grade of Medtech and Hospital Corpsmen within the Administrative Command division function under the de facto leadership of the Chief Medical Officer. Within the department there are various subsections, such as Chief Surgeon, or Chief Counselor, however, all of these sub-department heads report directly to the CMO.


Chief Medical Officer- Lieutenant Commander Maryse Dubois (!)

Assistant Medical Officer- OPEN

Assistant Medical Officer- OPEN

Assistant Medical Officer- OPEN

Counselor- OPEN


Security: Protecting the vessel from all threats is the most important, but not only, role the Security division plays aboard a starship. They function as not only a military police, but also serve as the ships first line of defense and work closely with the Marine division during ground operations.


Chief Security Officer- Lieutenant Commander Mark Garrison ^^^&(!)

Assistant Security Officer- Lieutenant Victria *&&&(!)

Assistant Security Officer- Lieutenant, J.G. Charlotte A. Matsumura *&

Assistant Security Officer- OPEN

Assistant Security Officer- OPEN



Science: Possibly the most diverse group aboard any starship, the Science department serves a vital roll in the Federation's primary mission of exploration. Officer's in this department work closely with the Command division to help solve problems the ship encounters, as well as conducts research of its own, often in concert with civilian scientists stationed aboard the ship. Science is headed by the Chief Science Officer who usually also holds the title of 'Director of Scientific Research,' though not by default.


Chief Science Officer- Commander Laarell Teykier ^^^&(!)

Assistant Science Officer- Lieutenant Elizabeth Anne Clarke

Assistant Science Officer- OPEN

Assistant Science Officer- OPEN

Assistant Science Officer- OPEN


Head of Geological Sciences- Commander Kahrak (Secondary Shift Science Officer)



310th Fighter Squadron: Aboard some ships and stations, such as the Excalibur, there is a dedicated 'air' group. In those situations, all secondary craft and their operations fall under the direct supervision of the Squadron commander, nominally titled 'Chief of the Air Group' or CAG.


Chief of the Air Group- OPEN

Pilot- OPEN

Pilot- OPEN

Pilot- OPEN

Pilot- Ensign Jagrissa "Jumper" Honor-Scar (Utility Support Pilot)+



Marines: With the expansion of the Starfleet Marine Corps, a number of new roles aboard Federation Starships in regards to this division have been created. Typically, the bulk of the Marine Deployment aboard a starship will be enlisted crew, while Marine officers serve in any branch of starships operational needs. Marines may be called upon to fulfill any number of mission requirements and must be among the most flexible departments aboard a starship or station. , the Marine detachment aboard a starship is under the direction of the highest ranking officer who rank, depending on the size of the deployment, is typically a Colonel or Major and under the supervision of the Commanding Officer of the vessel.


Marine CO- Major Cloud Makisu+

Senior NCO: Sargent Major Matt Morris+

Marine XO - OPEN

Marine - OPEN

Marine - OPEN




Captain's Yeoman- P.O. Odile Condacin+

Captain's Yeoman- P.O. Augustus Quintus+



XLOA: Lieutenant Commander Marius tr'Lorin *(!)

Lieutenant, J.G. Asyle

Lieutenant, j.g. Doug.t

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Note: This document is subject to change and should be used only for reference.


Camelot Station:


Starfleet Personnel:


Starfleet Gamma Quadrant Command (SGQC) Commanding Officer: Vice-Admiral Misha Abronvonvich


Station Commanding Officer: Captain Alexander Calypsos

Station Executive Officer: Commander Blair


Chief Science Officer: Dr. Alyssa Yavin, Lt. Cmdr

Chief of Operations: Lt. Commander Corris Sprint

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Kaell Ha'Jolka, Lt.

Director of Station Security: Lt. Colonel Darren Lockhaven

Director of Flight Control Operations: Lt. Samar Ha-Kal-no

Director of Starship Repair and Dry Dock: Commander Gerald Hallon


108th Air Group:

Pilot: Lt.,(j.g.) Aerilo "Aero" Perez


ATAG Operational Attaché: Lt Michaels


Romulan Galae Personnel:

Chief Engineer: Erei'Riov (Sub-Commander) Akal t'Faelo

Chief Dockmaster: El'Arrain (Senior Centurion) Taemid tr'Lokan


Klingon Defense Force Personnel:

Chief Tactical Officer: Sogh'a (Senior Lieutenant) BroHngh

Chief of Diplomatic Security: RawI (Commander) haGnOka



Romulan Liaison: Ambassador Riiji t'Osaen

Klingon Liaison: Governor K'Vorlag

Dominion Liaison: Vorta Functionary Taela

Hundred Liaison: Vorta Functionary Semil

Federation Liaison: Ambassador t'Salik

Shalia Liaison: Ambassador Zie

Scorpiad Liaison: Ambassador cKgha'Lieeeknajfttt'Ookdnnna (Kegha'Lekokda)



Proprietor of the Holy Grail: Mog*

Proprietor of the Ambrosia: Samoth Ryvertu*




Avalon Base:

Commanding Officer, Avalon Base: Commander Cedric Tannis*

Chief Medical Officer, Avalon Base: Lt. Shujinko Akia*




Romulan Base:

Commanding Officer: Administrator N'Rycus




Romulan Fleet:

Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Jaelin t'Leaii

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