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Bio Files: Jorahl

<<What follows are three record files. The first is what the Empire has provided in regards to information about Jorahl. The second is Starfleet's file, with a Security clearance of level 3 or higher required for you to know this. SECLAR (Security Clearance) is a term used in the old FASA RPG and I'm using it here. It basically means all Intelligence officers and most department heads can access this). The last record is the normal Bio as would be accessed by a Romulan officer. >>



Romulan Star Empire Records


NAME: Jorahl

RANK: SubCommander

POSITION: Engineering

__---Additional Information Classified--__

-= Starfleet Intelligence Profile=-

SECLAR authorization level 3 or higher required.


SUBJECT: Tylus Jorahl

RACE: Romulan

ORIGIN: Romii, Romulan Star Empire.


Subject has been part of several high security engineering projects within the Romulan Star Empire. Had some part in the study of Starfleet technology, per testimony from Stefan DeSeve. Was rumored to have been stationed onboard the Warbird Devoras when it acquired classified technical information from the spy Selok posing as Ambassador T'Pel.


Star Empire Hall of Records


NAME: Tylus Petrinius Jorahl siva Romii N'Marys Gol'van.

(T. Petrinius Jorahl of Romii, N'Marys [province] Gol'van [city]

SPECIES: Romulan


AGE: 99 (born earth calendar 2285)


Height: 183cm (6ft.)

Weight: 84.82 kg (187lb)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Color: Tan

Blood type: TL positive



Wife: Seryla Caris Jorahl siva Romii T'Hia Bartilian

Son: Petrinius Ryus Jorahl siva Romii N'Marys Artillia

Daughter: Kelya Renia Jorahl siva Romii N'Marys Artillia.



Born on Romii in the Romulan Star Empire. Father and mother owned a construction company in the city of Gol'van. Both would go on to lead active careers in the social and political circles of Romii. Jorahl would be their only child. Though interested in construction he chose not to directly run the family business and instead focused his studies in engineering.

During his upper education he began work through the university in reverse engineering of alien technology. Over the years he achieved several government grants in this field which would take him to many places throughout the Empire.

From 2344-49 was part of the team which took apart and studied the Federation starship Enterprise-C after the Battle of Narendra III. Had some involvement with Enterprise crew and later Ensign Stefan DeSeve after his defection from the Federation.

From 2350-64 served in several classified engineering projects deep in Beta Quadrant.

In 2364 when the Romulans returned from their isolation from the Federation after a number of bases were destroyed along the Neutral Zone (later learned to be Borg attacks) officially joined the Romulan fleet and was assigned to the Warbird Devoras.

In 2374 assigned chief engineer of the Warbird S'Tapa at the beginning of Romulan involvement in the Dominion War.

In 2376 leaves Romulan fleet service and assumes a position with the teams reverse engineering captured Dominion technology at the end of the war.

In 2384 is tapped to be assigned to the joint base of Skyharbor Aegis.

Edited by Jorahl

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