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Manticore's First Roster

MANTICORE Roster - 5/17/98

Date: 05/17/1998 10:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

USS MANTICORE - NCC-5852 - Crew Roster 9805.17

Customized Nebula Class

Crew Compliment: 15 of 18



Commanding Officer: Captain Atragon-9 {CptAtragon} [Male Human]

Executive (First) Officer: Commander Adam Vern {Cdr Vern} [Male Human/Vulcan]

Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jami Eyr Farrington {LtCdrJami} [Female Human]



Operations Officer: Ensign Solkar {Ens Solkar} [Male Vulcan]

Nav/Helm: Ensign James Beamer {EnsJim} [Male Human]



Chief Engineer: ###OPEN### {#} [#]

Engineer/Propulsion & Control Systems Specialist: Ensign Claire Eason {Ens Eason} [Female Human

Engineer/Transporter & Life Support Specialist: Ensign Karina Alektra Zei si Sositi {Ens Rina} [Dual-Gendered Female Sositi]



Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jami Eyr Farrington {LtCdrJami} [Female Human]

Asst. Medical Officer/Exobiology/Neurology Specialist: Ensign Rowan Katherine Zamora {Ens Zamora} [Female Bajani]

Asst. Medical Officer/Trauma Specialist: ###OPEN### {#} [#]

Counselor/Psychology Specialist: Ensign Jessica Ryan {Cnslr Ryan} [Female Human Telepath]



Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Tyler James Braden IV {BradenT9} [Male Biometric Human]

Science Officer/Sensor Technology Specialist: Ensign Danielle Solaris-V'Njuria {Ens dani} [Female Human/Breen]

Science Officer/Astrophysics Specialist: Ensign Gallok Doom {EnsDoom1} [Male Klingon]



Security Chief: Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Leana Nelar {LtjgNelar} [Female Klingon/Human]

Security Officer/Tactical/Weapons Specialist: Ensign James Bond {EnsBond007} [Male Human]

Security Officer/Griffin Pilot: Corporal Jaret Morin Elyas {JaretElyas} [Male Reanimated Human]

Security Officer/Wyvern Pilot: ###OPEN### {#} [#]


Note: All personnel WILL be cross-trained for ALL bridge positions. Mission objectives may require you to take over any given position at any time.


Mailstring (in alpha order):

BradenT9, CdrVern, CnslrRyan, CptAtragon, EnsBond007, Ensdani, EnsDoom1, EnsEason, EnsJim, EnsRina, EnsSolkar, EnsZamora, JaretElyas, LtCmdrJami, LtJgNelar

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