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And Awaaay We Go!

Subj: Send Off Macro

Date: 98-04-28 00:19:38 EDT

From: OGF MikeM

To: CptAtragon ::take a standard PADD, draws self to attention::


Effective Stardate 9408.27, the following Spacefleet personnel are hereby requested and required to take the following posts aboard USS Manticore, Spacefleet Registry NCC-5852, for its maiden voyage into the final frontier...


Captain Atragon-9, Commanding Officer

Commander Adam Vern, Executive Officer

Lieutenant Cmdr. Jami Eyr Farrington, Chief Medical Officer, Second Officer

Ensign Solkar, Operations Management Officer

Ensign James M. Beamer, Navigation/Helm Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Stephen C. Terrel, Chief Engineer

Ensign Claire Eason, Engineering Officer (Propulsion & Control System Specialist)

Ensign Rina, Engineering Officer (Transportor & Life Support Specialist)

Ensign Rowan Katherine Zamora, Asst. Medical Officer (Exobiology/Neurology Specialist)

Ensign Jessica Ryan, Counselor (Psychology Specialist)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyler James Braden IV, Chief Science Officer

Ensign Danielle Solaris (Sensor Technology Specialist)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Leana Nelar, Chief Security Officer

Ensign James Bond, Security Offcer (Tactical/Weapons Specialist)


::takes roster PADD, walks crisply over to Captain Atragon::


Captain, I present you with the official crew manifest for the USS Manticore,

And on behalf of Spacefleet Online, hereby give command of this vessel to you.


::gives roster to Atragon, steps back, draws himself to attention, and salutes::

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