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The Ship Has Been Built

Subj: The latest news

Date: 98-04-15 12:09:37 EDT

From: CptAtragon

To: CptAtragon, Cdr Vern, LtCmdrJami, BradenT9, EnsBond007, LtjgNelar {Excerpt from the internal SpaceDock PADDZine "THE SPACEDOCK NEWS" ~All the News That's Fit, We Print~©}


**Surprise at Dock 18**


9804.13 - Yesterday, Crew 26 completed their last shakedown run of the NCC-5852 Nebula, on final build here, and they were returning to Dock 18 for final adjustments when they were halted just prior to docking. According to Crew Chief Bill Herkeson, also the shakedown Captain, the Nebula was met by 2 Cheyenne class and 6 Oberth class vessels from the Federation General Assembly's Consul General division. These craft intercepted, boarded and escorted the 5852 back to Dock 18 where all of Crew 26 were removed to one of the Cheyennes and returned to SpaceDock Base.


"Yeah, it was something I've never seen before, but they had unquestionable creds, so we had to relinquish the ship," said Herkeson, a 14 year veteran of the Yards. "I just hope they follow the shakedown logs and complete our adjustments or it's gonna be a rough ride once she launches," he added.


The Yard Chief, Commander John Stemphill, confirms that the FGA's Consul General has taken over the final stages of the 5852's build. He has no further information as to why the FGA would be interested in the completion of a Nebula. "I've verified their orders up to the highest level and they're good, that's all I need to know," stated Stemphill. His frustration in being excluded from the details, however, is obvious, "all I know is that Dock 18 will be off limits for the next two weeks, whether we like it or not and they'll be bringing in their own crew and supplies. The only piece of news I DO have is the name of the ship, it's been christened the Manticore."


We have found out just how "off limits" Dock 18 has become. It seems that one of the Cheyennes is operating a gigantic sensor jammer and has blanketed the entire dock with enough white noise that no information is available to our scanners. The Oberths have been fastening the radiation shielding on the dock superstructure to block any visual inspection and are keeping any curiosity seekers far from the dock itself. Most of the Oberths, being led by the remaining Cheyenne, have been seen hauling in huge amounts of materiel to Dock 18. "It sounds like they've got enough plating coming in to replace the hull, a couple of times over," exclaimed Herkeson. "Why did we run her through so many test flights if she's just gonna get rebuilt?"


The Federation General Assembly has the following comment for the media, "the Consul General's office is not releasing any information concerning the Manticore at this time."

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