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The Ship Was Commissioned

Subj: USS Manticore

Date: 98-03-30 23:27:36 EST

From: OGF JT Greetings!


It is my pleasure to announce the newest addition to our advanced fleet. The USS Manticore will be sailing soon, headed by CptAtragon on Mondays at 2300, in a room to be named soon. See the scenario below for more information. At this time, we have a very eager captain looking for an as eager Executive Officer. Applicants should send the usual info (tenure online, tenure in SFOL, tenure as an SFOL host, current responsibilities) to OGFAtragon, OGF Ender, and myself. Applicants should be active in training sims and have been hosting for over 6 months. Application period ends 4/7.





Ship: U.S.S. Manticore, Fleet Registry Number: NCC-5852

Special Missions (Spacefleet Black Ops Exploratory Vessel)


The ship has a mixed mission of exploration of the truly bizarre and unexplainable with the mandate to kill if it encounters a threat to our way of life. It is listed on the books at Fleet HQ as a space tug/troubleshooter. It can be dispatched quickly and can patch up problems and help get a troubled vessel back to a starbase for long-term repairs. However, that is just the cover for its true mission. It can be easily re-configured, with its customized dorsal modules, and sent to investigate issues and matters that the fleet doesn't want to publicly (even among the other ship captains) admit to knowing... not until they're explained further.


The missions are not coming from Fleet HQ or Intelligence, but directly from the Federation General Assembly via the Consul General. There are very few "official" contacts in the Fleet or the government at large that are aware of Manticore's true mission at any one time. This helps protect the governing bodies from embarrassing fallout from failed missions, but it also leads to a variety of miscommunications and problems with its "stated" missions and other ships in the sector.

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