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The Manticore Turns 10

Please come and join the crew of the Manticore on Monday evening, April 28, 2008, as we celebrate 10 years of simming (the first sim was on April 27, 1998). Everyone is invited and a special invitation go out to the crew, current and previous. If some of you have forgotten if you have ever been with Manticore (that psycho-analysis finally got you to move past the horror), here is a list of the crew over the past 10 years:


Allan Adams

Nywoe Ailadna

Darnol "Dementia' Antinis


Mercura Audj


James Beamer

Elliot Bell-Krasner

Pookchah Sucherian Bokrah

James Bond

Eden Braden

Tyler James Braden IV

Noras Bren

Julie Byron

Elgyn Carter

Sten Castle

J Corran

Neveah Crito

Gallok Doom

Claire Eason

Jaret Morin Elyas

Malcolm (MC) Escher

Baren Faldek

Suberance Faldorn

Jami Eyr Farrington

Christie Farron

Raymond Ganner



Jade Garret

Spencer (SPG) Goad

Xenon Green

Reginald Hafful


Chris Hawrylik

Tristessa Haze

Richard B Hilee



Tylus Jadon

Sol'ran Jonus

Avani Jorel

Kit Kat1701

Sean Patrick Keane


Kansas "Kit" Kenickie

Yoshi Kesh



Daniel Kroells

Mike L

Randal Law

Jason Lee


Ritah Lowen

Naris Manga

Mary Major

Zachary Nathanial Marotta

Mike Marsh

Matt McFly

Kyle Mele

Jonathan Miller II

X'aedell Moore

Vincent Morgan

Keb Regina Mizu

Pe'Trik Muuk

Leana Nelar

Jim Nettekoven

James Novell

Russell Ohno

Alexander Oza

Mitar Precip


Kath Ree

Lucius Publius Cornellius Rex

Terry Riker

Margaux Roget


Jessica Ryan

Antonio (Ants) Michael Sabitino



Jadon Seir

David "Quick" Silver

Chase Sky

Danielle (Dani) Solaris-V'Njuria


Karina (Rina) Alektra Zei si Sositi


Adam Sovak


Ian Syndrx

Doug T

Elizabeth (LizRae) Rae Tamuli

Steven C. Terrell

Nicholas Tino

Katherine T'Mara


Salias Trinius

Saeihr t'Vdaen

Una Hov

Johnny Unitas

Eden Xyianh

Rowan Katherine Zamora

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