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Marius Tr'Lorin

"Check-ups and Rendezvous"

Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin



Stardate: 0804.18



::Record Initiated::


Marius continued down the long, relatively empty hallway. He had decided to postpone his consultation with the a doctor. After returning Admiran's pip, Marius was sure he was feeling ok. Plus, it seemed like they were kinda busy at the moment. Though he hadn't paid attention, he was pretty sure he heard the doctors yelling and screaming about something. Oh well. He had other stuff to do.


Marius reached the Turbolift, which opened silently for him. Marius stepped in, calling out "Deck 15." Marius smirked, remembering how lost he had been back in his days as an Ensign. Life aboard a starship was definitely a lot different than in the Academy...

Marius stepped out of his Ship Structural Designing and Development class, one of the more class specific courses he was taking back at Academy. Marius adjusted the collar of his Cadet uniform, still struggling to get used to its tight-neck design. Marius stared up at the eccentrically designed ceiling while trying to adjust the small pip. Most of his class had moved on around him, rushing to their next class. Finally, he found a somewhat comfortable position, and trailed after the others.


The door on the end slid open, and Marius stepped out. Marius saw a flash of short black hair and pointed ears round the corner, accompanied by a familiar whistle. Marius smiled, and ran after the figure, calling out. "Hey, Dad, wait!"


Saril tr'Lorin turned around, breaking into a smile. "Ah, Marius!" Marius runs up, grabbing his father in a hug. "What are you doing here?"


Saril shrugged. "I've got some business here with the embassy. They needed me to pick up some PADD's from the Research Department here. Speaking of which, I better get going. I have a shuttle to catch! I'm glad I got to find you Marius." He smiled, then adjusted the cadet's pip. "I'll be back with Mom soon. Bye!"


Marius, smiled, and continued on to his next class...


The door to the Turbolift opened. Marius stepped out, playing with his collar from thinking about his memory, when something caught his eye. around the corner, a shock of black hair, and pointed ears. Marius stood in shock... then broke into a run, trying to catch up to him. He turned the corner, and saw his dad walking down the hallway! Marius smiled, but then, suddenly, something struck his mind as out of place. Before he could place it, however, Saril turned and entered Main Engineering. Again, Marius ran, then stumbled after him...


He was gone, again. What just happened?


Then, an small, weak-looking crewman ran up to him. "Sir! I replaced the faulty coils and calibrated the system as you said! It works great now!"


What the... what faulty coils? Marius mumbled out an answer. "That's great, crewman... carry on." What? He had never ordered those... and who was that crewman?


Something seemed really out of place. And now, Marius realized, why did his dad have on an Engineering uniform when he spotted him? He was an ambassador, not a techie...


...Maybe he should schedule a check-up with Sickbay after all.




::Record Terminated::

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