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Mreh K'hal

One Cat's Crush

<style type="text/css">

div#logcontents {

width: 480px;

margin: 0 auto;

padding: 10px;

background: black;

color: white; }

div.title {

height: 60px; min-height: 60px; max-height: 60px;

margin: 3px auto 0 auto;

padding: 65px 0 0 30px;

font: normal small-caps normal 18pt Arial, sans-serif;

text-align: left;

letter-spacing: 0.25em;

background: url("http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc316/MrehKhal/misc/lcarsheader.jpg") top left no-repeat;

overflow: hidden; }

div.title2 {

margin: 0 auto;

padding: 2px 5px 10px 30px;

font: normal small-caps normal 12pt Arial, sans-serif;

text-align: left;

letter-spacing: 0.125em;

background: url("http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc316/MrehKhal/misc/lcarspara.jpg") top left repeat-y;

overflow: hidden; }

div.author {

height: 5px; min-height: 5px; max-height: 5px;

margin: 0 auto;

padding: 0 0 15px 30px;

font: normal small-caps normal 8pt Arial, sans-serif;

letter-spacing: 0.15em;

text-align: left;

background: url("http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc316/MrehKhal/misc/lcarsauthor.jpg") top left repeat-y;

overflow: hidden; }

div.para {

margin: 0 auto;

padding: 2px 5px 0 30px;

font: normal normal normal 10pt/150% "Bitstream Vera Sans", "Lucida Sans", Arial, sans-serif;

text-align: justify;

text-indent: 1em;

background: url("http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc316/MrehKhal/misc/lcarspara.jpg") top left repeat-y;}

div.bottom {

height: 42px;

margin: 0 auto;

padding: 0;

background: url("http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc316/MrehKhal/misc/lcarsbottom.jpg") top left no-repeat;



<div id="logcontents">


<div class="title">One Cat's Crush</div>

<div class="author">Lt. J.G. Mreh K'hal</div>


<div class="para">Shortly after waking up, Mreh wished he hadn't. His drinking binge had the expected consequence of a hangover, and as he stumbled out of bed with a paw plastered to the top of his head the wimpy part of his brain was whining about why the rest of his brain thought getting drunk was a good idea. Ordering the lights up to a mere five percent so that he could at least see shapes, he made his way into the bathroom and hacked up most of his stomach lining. With that out of the way, he was able to grope around and find his supply of analgesic and took a dose before returning to the toilet to sit on it and wait for the medicine to kick in.</div>

<div class="para">After a few minutes he felt at least Caitian again instead of some anonymous demon. He wasn't quite ready to do any dancing though, and ordered the lights up to twenty-five percent before stumbling into the sonic shower. He spent far longer in there than was perhaps wise, but since he couldn't work up any energy to assist the sound waves in their cleansing business he let the vibrations work unassisted a bit longer.</div>

<div class="para">He wearily slumped his way out into the main part of his quarters and sat naked at his small work desk. Crossing his arms on the desk, he laid his head atop them and contemplated things. He hardly ever drank alcohol, so he knew he didn't have much tolerance for it, nor did his body appreciate the overindulgence later, but he did it nonetheless. Usually his mind was reeling from some stress at the time, and he chose the binge as a cause of last resort; he'd shredded quite a few things over the last week, unfortunately some of them not holographic, and that still hadn't done the job.</div>

<div class="para">Part of it was the job: the discovered loss of the fighters in such a horrific manner coming right after the minefield incident; the incident with Segami on the bridge and the subsequent spat with JoNs. Mreh knew JoNs was not the cause but a precipitating stressor for his other issues as well. The poofy-tailed Caitian hadn't been that worked up over a female in his life prior to meeting her, though he had participated in a few dalliances beforehand, mostly with humans. JoNs however stirred up far more lust than he'd anticipated, or even believed possible. Chemistry was something he understood well as a doctor and biologist, but the reality of experiencing it couldn't quite connect with that intellectual abstraction.</div>

<div class="para">They'd had one very good night together, he and MVess, but duties and responsibilities had made another one impossible to this point. Anyone who says that sexual tension can't explode into other parts of their lives obviously is either a hermit or an asexual species, Mreh thought. His had, and it would take a while to put that particular Humpty Dumpty back together again. He hoped that he wouldn't have to wait for all the King's lackeys to help, otherwise he'd probably explode again. After all a guy could only do so much by himself, and he considered using holographic persona for that kind of release rather crude.</div>

<div class="para">He'd had an opportunity last night, as Betty wasn't shy about being available. It wasn't ethics that kept him from taking advantage of that; he had a tendency to throw the Starfleet rulebook out the airlock at the best of times anyway, so his position as her superior officer wasn't the issue. He was forced to admit now that though their relationship was far from mutual, in fact it was barely a relationship to begin with, he'd become stuck on her and didn't want anyone else.</div>

<div class="para">Mreh's conversations with MVess had led him to believe that there was potential between them as a couple and not just energetic lovers. Unfortunately, he wanted that energetic part quite a bit more than was probably healthy outside of an adolescent. Damned if he wasn't infatuated with a girl, something he'd managed to avoid successfully through his teen years. If only MVess would cooperate...</div>

<div class="para">"Grow up, kitten!" Mreh said to himself weakly.</div>

<div class="para">Rising to get dressed, he considered contacting Tia to ask how the Deltan celibacy thing worked. After chewing on that thought a moment, he gently shook his head.</div>

<div class="para">"No way in the nethermost regions of hell would I do that," he stated.</div>


<div class="bottom"></div>

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Rising to get dressed, he considered contacting Tia to ask how the Deltan celibacy thing worked. After chewing on that thought a moment, he gently shook his head. "No way in the nethermost regions of hell would I do that," he stated.


But it is a very simple drug treatment. It is clearly the logical thing to do!

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The dog has become nauseated over "Kitty" love.


Sickbay may also be able to treat that too, but, really, some degree of mental control and discipline should be sought.

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Okay, so I gather having Lefty leap upon Mreh mid-shift on the bridge wouldn't be the way to go then? Might cause some problems and such? :-D

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