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Bio: Captain Sorehl

General Statistics

Name: Sorehl

Species : Vulcan

Gender : male

Age : 2312

Height : 177.80 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)

Weight : 68.04 kg (160 lbs.)

Eye Color : blue

Hair Color : black, greying

Skin Color : caucasian

Place of Birth : Gol'shiVahr Arcology, Yhri Province, Vulcan

Features: full beard

Bloodtype : T negative (rare)

Educational Background - Vulcan Institute of Technology: primary degree in systems engineering, secondary degree in aerospace, fieldwork in political science and administrative theory; StarFleet Academy: engineering, thesis in tactical systems analysis, minor in interstellar relations; Post-Academy training: starbase operations and logistics, command certification.

Personal Background - Sorehl has been bonded for the past four decades to Ambassador T'Salik, currently serving as Federation Envoy-General in the Gamma Quadrant. He and his wife have four daughters, T'Kel (age 24), T'Ael (21), T'Jen (age 18), and T'Rial (age 10), as well as one son Sawyek (age 12). He has personal history with Ambassador Drankum, tracing back to their mutual presence aboard now-SB405 in the Canar system during the Dominion War.  His oldest daughter is a graduate of Starfleet Academy, having specialized in communications and linguistics, like her mother.

Career History - Prior to age fifty, Sorehl was involved in technical work as a civilian with Shuvinaljis Warp Technologies, Wilson Energies, and Chandley Works Ltd, notably during modernization of the Galactic Positioning System. As a contractor, he aided development of anti-torpedo systems now employed on Nebula- and Andor-class starships. He also supported the development of quantum payloads, phaser collimaters, tri-cobalt torpedoes, and interphase technology. Choosing to join StarFleet himself after the Federation's first contact with the Borg, he applied his engineering skills toward starship design and tactical system integration at Utopia Planitia. Sorehl was given his first starship posting aboard the Excalibur-A in 2370. (This was his only starship posting prior to reaching command.) His tactical engineering background lent itself to a transfer to operations, from which he was posted to the newly deployed Starbase Aegis in the Canar system. After serving as chief science officer, then executive officer, he rose to command of Aegis after the loss of its captain during the pre-emptive strike which opened the Dominion War. From that vantage point, he supported strategic fleet operations along that border. He briefly commanded the Excalibur-A during successful liberation of the Decelea asteroid field. Following the war, the Canar colony gained formal status as a Federation protectorate and the station was redesignated SB405. Sorehl assisted in the construction and emplacement of Sky Harbor Aegis above Cardassia Prime, negotiating a Ferengi presense with Ambassador Drankum. Sorehl later assumed the role of territorial governor for Allied occupation forces at the Empok Nor space station. He continued with this posting until the formal transition of that facility to Cardassian control three years later. He commanded Camelot Station in the Avalon system, during its Gamma Quadrant assembly to support the starship Excalibur-B. In this capacity, he directed fleet maintenance, coordinated with Romulan and Klingon ambassadors, served as a Dominion advisor, and planned strategic operations defending against incursions by Hundred and Scorpiad forces. Three years ago, Sorehl stepped down from command, entered the Reserves, and returned to civilian life. During that time, he was enlisted as Special Commissioner to the Federation Security Council, submitting a report which recommended that Sky Harbor Aegis be withdrawn from the Cardassian homeworld. He later negotiated to overcome objections from the Ferengi Alliance on moving the station near Breen space.  He remained a private citizen, working as a correspondent and political activist while living in the Avalon colony until the Federation withdrawal from the Gamma Quadrant.   Returning to the Alpha Quadrant, he continued his activism, but has since dropped from the public eye.

Service Record

  • Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, shakedown specialist (2365)
  • Maximus II Weapons Testing Range, tactical testing (2368)
  • USS Excalibur, tactical systems engineer (2370)
  • StarBase Aegis, mission operations (2370)
  • StarBase Aegis, chief science officer (2371)
  • StarBase Aegis, executive officer (2373)
  • StarBase Aegis, commanding officer (2374)
  • Empok Nor, Federation occupational governor (2377)
  • Camelot Station, commanding officer (2380)
  • StarFleet Reserve, captain (2383 - present); Commissioner (2283)

Notable Career Incidents

  • Rescued Maquis survivors of Dominion attacks near McAllister nebula.
  • Endured psychological torture by Semil while Dominion prisoner of war for three months.
  • Commanded starship Excalibur during liberation of Decelea system.
  • Established Ferengi trade mission with Ambassador Drankum at Canar II.
  • Decorated for aiding defection of the Cardassian 12th Brigade at Sarpedion V (Order of Damar).
  • Commanded construction of Sky Harbor Aegis during first year of Cardassian occupation.
  • Directed restoration of Cardassian station Empok Nor to operational status.
  • Director of assembly for Camelot Station in the Avalon system, Gamma Quadrant.
  • Successfully commanded mission to liberate diplomats from Scorpiad fleet.
  • Commanded defense of Marine landing and capture of Scorpiad wormhole collar.
  • Assigned as Commissioner to the Security Council to assess Aegis' continuing mission.
  • Treaty negotiations with Ferengi Alliance

Medical History - Although he has endured the usual series of space-borne illnesses and alien viruses, Sorehl has no known medical issues. A testament to Federation medical science, he has survived attacks from carnivorous insect swarms, severe plasma burns, radiation poisoning, turboshaft falls, Jem'Hadar combat, and even an assassination attempt. He bears a distinctive tattoo on his lower right back, the result of a first contact mission with the Ovetra culture.

Psychological Profile – Sorehl has the calm, dedicated demeanor of a typical Vulcan. Although his own actions are supported by logic, he makes allowances for the emotionalism of others. He demonstrates strong loyalty to those he serves and has been surprised to inspire it from unlikely sources. He is intolerant of needless violence, disrespect for StarFleet principles, and general prejudice.

Miscellaneous - Sorehl has a developed interest in strategy games (kaltoh, chess, komerex, and kotra) and has been known to play an occasional game of racquetball. He has spent nearly sixty years studying various Vulcan mind sciences under the mentorship of the Y'hri discipline. He has managed to develop good working relationships with Klingon officers, having studied their language, culture, and defensive arts. Sorehl considers himself a technocrat, an engineer constrained into leadership roles, although he has proven an able diplomat with the Cardassian government. His associations have exposed him to Klingon, Ferengi, and Vorta psychologies, and provided extensive understanding of Dominion tactics and Cardassian politics. The Romulan psyche, he has admitted, continues to elude him. He has avoided starship assignments, prefering duties that allow his wife and children to live close to him. Although he has been pressed into diplomatic roles, he will often pointedly observe that he is not and has never been an ambassador.

Medals, Awards, and Decorations

Distinguished Service Cluster, POW Ribbon, Order of Excellence, Crimson Shield (w/ 8 pips), Scorpiad Conflict, Dominion Campaign, Cardassian DMZ, Battle of Cardassia Prime, Battle of Torros II, Gamma Quadrant, Cardassian Reconstruction, Starbase Administration, Command Cluster, Inducted into Cardassian Order of Damar, 2376

Edited by Sorehl

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Given his return to Aegis in the role of Commissioner, I have revised and updated Sorehl's biography.

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