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Vex Xiang

Esrelda Lo'Ami

Xiang floats into Lo'Amis quarters to participate in the event. After a few moments of preparation, Xiang is possessed by Lo'Ami's ex-host named Esrelda, who had the symbiont from 2005-2011.


"Who are you?" asked Lo'Ami.


Xiang, Esrelda, responded in a shrill and exuberant voice. "It is I! Esrelda Lo'Ami!"


Lo'Ami thought this personality was a little strange. But it was of course, his history, so he went on.


"Can you tell me a little about yourself?"


"Of course!" Esrelda declared, "I will tell you all about myself. I was a young trill when my parents shipped me off to medical school. I was going to practice medicine. I spent a year in medschool. But then my dream was realized and I was accepted to receive a symbiont. Lo'Ami was chosen and we were joined.


"And that is when I discovered my true destiny," Esrelda smiled brightly, "Lo'Ami helped me discover the art of the dance!"


Lo'Ami was fascinated. "Ballet, or some other professional dancing?"


"No!" Esrelda wrinkled her face, "No, I was drawn to street corner dancing like a moth to a flame. I danced for spare change on many a street corner, from Main to Third, from Jefferson St to Hudson Ave. I was the greatest homeless trill dancer on the entire block. Everyone wanted to be like me!"


Lo'Ami raised a brow, "Uh...is that all you did?"


"Oh no, of course not," she smiled, "I also used my first years medical knowledge to help homeless trills when they were sick. I once removed a man's mole using just a rusty fork."


"So...you were homeless your entire life?"


"Yes sir! Happily so. But my dancing made me enough money to live on, so I needed no more. I lived only for the dance."


"So," Lo'Ami stammered, "how long were you with the symbiont?"


"Since I was 18. I was with Lo'Ami for 6 years."


"Only 6?" Lo'Ami asked, "what happened?"


"Well," Esrelda explained, "I was dancing on the corner of Gorn and 67th. I didn't see a spot of oil that one of the passing trillmobiles had spilled. I slipped, fell into the street, and was run over by a truck.


"And now I must go! Forever in the symbiont I remember the dance. Good luck with your memory Lo'Ami, I hope that you find what you are looking for!"


And with that, Esrelda was gone. Lo'Ami thanked Xiang and he left without another word.

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As I said in the other post, couldn't stop laughing!

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