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Lt. Nemrod Lo'Ami by Lt.(jg) Joshua T. Asimov

With a little help from Cmdr. Alces, Arphazad's quarters were quickly arranged to accomodate guests.  Buffet tables were set up with culinary delights from all over the galaxy.  Arphazad wasn't sure whether this was his zhian'tara or an underhanded attempt to convert his quarters into a restaurant.  But, Alces seemed to know what he was doing, so he just went with the flow.


The doorbell rang.  Arphazad answered, "it's open."  Erko, a Vulcan chief from the lower decks of engineering arrived, looking as stiff as he always did.  In the absence of an unjoined Trill guardian to channel the hosts' memories, the Vulcan telepath was recruited.


Erko faced Arphazad.  "I have studied the Trill rite of passage, and I believe that I can perform adequately."  


"I'm sure you'll do fine," Arphazad said, "and help yourself to anything on the tables."


Erko looked around.  He came to participate in a Trill ritual, not to eat.  


The doorbell rang again.  This time, Lt. Joshua T. Asimov walked in.  The young human was curious about this ritual, and he was anxious to help his commanding officer and friend.


"J.T., have a seat," said Arphazad, "and help yourself..."

:: points around the room at the full tables ::

"... there's plenty to go around."


J.T. sampled the platters then sat down, ready to begin.  "What will happen to ... me, during this thing?" he said, a bit nervously.

Erko responded "According to the Trill texts, you will still be concious of yourself.  You should be able to regain control at any time."

Reassured, J.T. signalled to begin.  Arphazad sat across from him.  Erko put one hand on Arphazad's stomach and the other over J.T.'s face.

He began: "Your mind to my mind, your thoughts to my thoughts," and then switched into ancient Trill.  After a few moments, Erko removed his hands.  

"Who are you?" He spoke to J.T.

"Nemrod, Lt. Nemrod Lo'Ami."  J.T./Nemrod looked around.  "This must be your zhian'tara.  Already? I didn't think it was time yet."


Erko scanned both with a tricorder, and verified the transfer.  He slowly made his way out of the room, leaving J.T/Nemrod alone with Arphazad.


Arphazad sat a few moments in silence, unsure of what to do.  J.T./Nemrod began talking.  "I remember you.  You were that runt tagging along with the Ambassador on the Reliant.  That was right before a plasma explosion ended my career plans."


"Yes, I remember you too.  I was the only Trill onboard, so they implanted Lo'Ami into me.  So, tell me about yourself, before you... died."  Arphazad had found the most awkward way of phrasing that, but it didn't matter.  It didn't take much to get Nemrod talking, or eating.


J.T./Nemrod walked around the room, sampling the goodies.  "It's been a while since I last ate.  My compliments to the chef.  About me.  Hmmm. Where to start?"


"The beginning."


"The beginning?  Well, basically, I was planet-bound until I was joined.  It was dull.  That's why I joined Starfleet.  I wanted some adventure.  Believe it or not, I started out in security.  The Academy changed my mind.  OK, it was the Academy and N'elsin."  




"No, not Nelson, N' el-seyn.  She got that all the time, y'know being a girl with a name that sounded like 'Nelson.'  She was an engineer, and I wasn't a half-bad tinkerer, so I worked my way through Engineering 201 with one eye on the datapad and the other on her.  I never had any thoughts of going back into security again."


"All this for a girl?"


"Not just any girl.  She was the one who could make an Admiral stand at attention; she was independent,  smart, funny, the most beautiful girl in San Francisco.  And she was mine... well, in the limited sense that one could possess her - I would have done anything for her."  J.T./Nemrod smiled.


"Did you marry her?"


"Well, no.  The Academy and all the Starfleet duty mumbo jumbo got to me.  Slowly, my time was eaten away by engineering exams, drills, competitions.  I made myself the best engineer I could be, and tried to get the best assignment I could get.  Meanwhile, I had forgotten how to be the best person I could be.  It was the biggest mistake I ever made.  Well, I got the assignment on Reliant.  Only a bit more time, and I would have made chief engineer.  But, in the end, all I had were my engines.  I had thought of contacting her by subspace, but I just never got around to it before... you know.  Truth is, I probably never would have."  


Arphazad was about to say something, but, J.T./Nemrod continued.  "If there's one bit of life-advice that I can give you, it's this."


Arphazad listened intently, during J.T./Nemrod's dramatic pause.


"Don't let your career pre-empt your life."


Arphazad fell silent, doing some self-examination.  Their time was almost up.


J.T./Nemrod kept talking: "Oh, and, all that stuff that you science people pull about 'not being engineers' - you must know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you do it all the time, you all do."




"It's bull.  At least for you."  


After Erko assisted in Nemrod's return to Lo'Ami, Arphazad began feeling his presence again.  He was now two, equipped with everything gained during the life of Nemrod.  Soon, he would be whole again.




Lt. (jg) Joshua T. Asimov

Astrophysics and Astrometrics Specialist

Science Department

USS Arcadia NCC-1742-E


and his writer:

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