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Character Bio


<< level 10 security clearence and authentication code required >>

< to CO,XO,CMO,CENG and CSEC of USS Reaent>


Name : Aurora Wilds , PhD

Race : Human, female

Height : 5'3''

Weight : 148 lbs

Age : 25 (twenty-five)

eye color : deep sea blue

hair : long dark brown in a beautifull tail

father : lt.cmdr Jonathan Wilds sr,51 years ,sr. propulsion engineer Starfleet Research Facility (deseased)

mother : lt. Amanda Wilds,48 years ,astrophycisist Starfleet Research Facility

brother : lt.jr. Jonathan (Jon) Wilds jr, 26 years ,AMO(CNS) USS Laguna


Medical and Psychiatric Record


Aurora is in exelent mediacal conditions, she recoverd well

from her injuries stustained in the accident

at Starfleet Research Facility. However she suffers from

a psycological trauma due to the loss of her father.





Beeing born in a family of Researchers, she grew up within the compounds of the SRF.

when she was old enough to walk her father and mother began to prepare her for a lifetime of

science and engineering. She found good joy in looking around in her father's labs and watching the

sky and the stars with her mother. Ofcourse living on the compound, and beeing around the greatest

scientists and engineers rose her interest and helped her in her studies and made her a gifted engineer/scientist,

with a great affinity for Stellar Carthography and Energy Physics. Allthough she liked watching the stars she was

more facinated with the work of her father. So she spend most of her time studying mathematics, energy physics and

propulsion engineering, while her mother told her the interesting things about stars, wormholes, space and particle physics



At the age of 20, she was accepted at the Starfleet Research Facility

where she was able to expend her knowlegde while working with various scientist, carefully selected by her father,

and conducting research of her own. She grew into an expert at Energetic and Particle Physics

while still maintaining her interest, her mother encouraged her, for Stellar Carthography and Wormholes.


After 18 months at the Facility she was asked to teach, which she gladly did at first, but soon

she grew bored of teaching, it didn't seem to fit her. 22 months after she came to SRF,

She requested a position at USS Laguna, a small science vessel, to conduct more research and spend some time with her brother.

The SRF, seeing her potential denied her request but asked her to conduct research on Temporal displacement instead,

to determine possible applicationsusefull to Starfleet, she gladly accepted. Her parents where proud to see thier hard work

had payed off, and when she told them what she was to be working on, her mother proudly saw that they ( her parents) both had

something to contribute to her research.


In the following 18 months she put all her effort in this new research

and found a way to implement Temporal displacement in propulsion systems. But when her team was

trying to make a prototype for further testing, something went wrong. They lost control over the device

resulting in an overload and deadly radation. She barely survived as she watch most of her teammembers,including her father, die.


The SRF granted her leave of absence for medical reasons, and she was sent to Hawaii to recover from her

injuries. In the following 6 months while recovering from her injuries, she tried, through contact at SRF, to apply for

deepspace research on a starship. Starfleet granted her leave from SRF to enter Starfleet academy for training once

she was fully recovered. Finally, after another 2 months at the age of 24, she was cleared by Starfleet Medical

and entered the Academy with a fresh interest.


Starfleet transfers and Performance record


granted PhD on Energetic and Particle Physics

chief supervisor Temporal displacement project (note, this project is classified)

transfered from Starfleet Research Facility to Starfleet academy


-Graduated from Starfleet academy 200108.5

-promoted to ensign by : GM's Muon & Jami

-assigned to USS Reaent NCC-3345-G as Assistent Engineer 250108.2

<<end transmission...end transmission>>

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