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Guest Laarell

"The Wings of Rumor"

"Rumors are flying," said Ensign Ti'Lop, who was seeing one of the few female security officers (they did exist...), "that the chief got into some pretty hot water with Security's department head."


"Yeah, I heard that too," said another Beta-shift scientist, junior lieutenant Thomes. "Whoo-boy, that.... uh, disease... I never had heard about Orion females carrying something like that. The commander's the only greenie on the ship, isn't she?"


"What disease?" a too-familiar voice asked, entering the conversation.


Thomes blanched. "Uh..."


"Yes?" Laarell asked, taking a seat at the round table in the corner of the lab.


"Hadn't expected you back, Commander..." he stuttered.


"Had to feed the spider." She nodded over at Citrus. "So then -- what disease do I carry?"


"Well, uhm..." He'd gone from pale to a darker shade of red than most Thallonians, and Ti'Lop and the other scientist were on the verge of snickering. "Some of the guys in security were saying that there was a, uhm... devastating rash that could come from, uhm..."


The Orion's eyes were flat. "Oh, really? Security, you say?"


"Yeah, uh..." Ti'Lop jumped in to help. "One of them was saying that was why Atticus left so suddenly."


"Oh. Really." Laarell looked more than a little peeved. "What an interesting theory." Then came a long, awkward silence, as neither junior officer felt inclined to offer more. "Quite wrong, however..."


"Wrong? Then what?" asked also-junior lieutenant Russell, who'd been quiet (smartly) until then.


"Well, it's not much of a secret that the security chief had at one point been seduced," she lied, knowing full-well how it was indeed not public knowledge.


"Oh!" Ti'Lop answered, with a start, then, clearly trying to keep Laarell talking, added, "yes yes! Of course. Everyone," and he elbowed both companions, "knows that."


"Right!" answered Laarell, and kept talking. "So naturally... it should make sense what happened..."


"Uhm..." They all seemed a little lost.


"Well," Teykier said, "it turns out our little ship's vamp has been a little... upset lately. What with the Scorpiad on our side now, and her wanting to kill them. And then there was a little matter of the fact she got dumped on her pale, cold ass."




"So naturally, she wanted retribution. Well..." Laarell pretended to hesitate. "It's quite intimate, you know --" With an instant, well-acted look of worry, she ventured, "All of you know never to get alone with Victria, right? I wouldn't want something like that happening to you if she hadn't had her bloodbags recently..." Another pause. "And I mean you can't hold it against her -- it's not her fault that every time she feels true lust, she attacks men."


"Oh, that must have been why she got dumped the first time. If every time she got the hots for some guy, she started going at his neck... I mean I get how some guys would like it, but how very dangerous. And Segami had to leave because he got drained so much?"


"Yup. That's exactly what happened."




"Yeah, wow," Laarell agreed with a smile, rising. "Have a good shift, boys!"


"Oh we will, Commander!" they promised, now having new, better gossip to discuss. "We will!"

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::pawforehead:: ::command ulcer forming:: ::must....get....Pepto Bismol::

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