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Angel and Joys Without Sweetness and Light

Arch Angel, Joy One and Joy Nine



"Very little happened," Joy One sent, using her Mudd protocol built in network. Her necklace flashed as she stood in a corner of a corridor, not far from the courtroom. "Prosecution requested a delay, as they hadn't had time to prepare their case. Commander Hawke tried to work her way into chambers, saying if she was not heard, a noble Admiral's name was going to be dragged through the mud. Most of what was said was at the bench or in chambers. I’ve not much to report."


"I thought dragging a noble Admiral’s name through the mud was the whole point?" Nine replied.


One couldn't help but smile. "I had the impression of much uncertainty in court. So far no one has cornered me, though one of the prosecutors seems to be lurking in my wake. I'll be in touch."


"Nine, out."


"One." Her necklace stopped blinking. She stepped out of the rigid stance necessary when using her wireless network, moving again with her usual dancers grace, glancing about to see if her surroundings had changed. People were still filing out of the courtroom holodeck, in various stages of emotion. None seemed focused on her. Well... Perhaps one.


Angel had paused and turned, Observing the blinking light of her necklace, he was all to familiar with the Joy series of androids to realize this as just a pause. He walked over, attempting to catch up with her, satchel and PADD tucked under his arm. She had been relaying data to one of her other counterparts. What data and how she figured in this was yet to been seen.


Joy nodded to the tall human, turning to face him. Yes, he was one of the prosecutors. The junior one, apparently, as the female commander had been the one called to approach the bench. She nodded to him. "Lieutenant?"


“Hello. I could not help seeing you pressed against the wall after the court ended, thought you may have been having a problem, just wondering if you needed any help. Lt. Angel here, at your service.” He smiled.


"No. No problem. I was just sharing a little news."


Nodding, still smiling, “News? What news? And how were you sharing this news?”


She tilted her head a bit sideways, evaluating, not returning his smile. Her facial emotion display showed her true emotion chip state, which was sometimes disconcerting to those accustomed to polite masks and emotional lies. She was thinking seriously, and her face showed it. She did want to make sure her knowledge got injected in the proceedings. She guessed that this Angel would eventually get around to asking her what she wished him to ask. Still, in this case, as usual when she found herself on the edges of Starfleet legal proceedings, she favored the junior defendant against the twisted admiral. She would rather have been approached by the defense. And this one? She was not sure. He smiled a lot. She sensed a disconnect between the equivalents of his emotion chip and his facial emotion display. She temporized. "How is this your business?"


He looked at Joy with a cool calm poker face... no emotion. This one was going to be interesting, at the very least. Pausing for just the right moment to respond, he spoke, “Well, I am part of the special prosecuting team appointed to this case. That in itself entitles me to a concern as it relates to any matters of judicial proceedings as well as the possible unauthorized relay of in court proceedings involved. You do understand that all data,"news", or any observations in that room are not for public... or private discussion without express permission of the appointed defense, and the prosecuting staff... do you not?” He resumed his smile.


She tilted her head the other way. "No. I do not understand that. I heard no declaration that any part of the trial thus far has been classified. I rather thought that the Guaranteed right to a public trial, the Guarantee of free speech and the Guarantee of privacy were in effect here, this being a Starfleet station. Do you believe you have probable cause that I have done something illegal?" She paused just long enough to match his pause... "Lieutenant?"


“Oh, by the way,” he responded, “what would be your official title,and rank? First of all, forgive me for being so rude. Second this is not a public trial as you have so eloquently alluded to... it is a ‘Military Tribunal’, and trial under the auspices and regulations of the said rules of procedure that are clearly set forth. I do realize you have at least a modicum of knowledge of that, not being presumptuous of course. Could I at least apologize to you by buying you lunch,or a beverage for my rudeness... I am really famished.”


"Perhaps,” she said. One question, first."


He had her... He could see the way she was evaluating Angel. “Certainly...by all means," he replied.


"Are you one of those who believes that the Guaranteed Rights of all Sentient Beings do not apply to all Starfleet officers?"


He paused a moment. “No I am most certainly not one of those. I firmly believe if you wear a uniform, or not, all Sentient beings have those Guaranteed Rights.” He remembered the trial of an officer known as Data in the past.


"Very well. You might want to check out the due process sections, but I shall join you for a time." She hesitated briefly, as her facial color diodes flared slightly and briefly red. "I fear I cannot join you in lunch. My kind does not derive energy by breaking down organic materials."


He looked at Joy, and pondered her comment for a moment. “I full well know the rules governing due process. If you do not mind joining me for my lunch in the prosecutions quarters, I have a few questions for you... please.”


"Very well.” She thought he might have questions. “Proceed." Joy silently reminded herself she was not Professor Six, she was Commander One. If Starfleet wanted legal lectures given, they would have hauled Six out here.


Turning and pointing in the direction of the room sequestered for the prosecuting staff he moved towards it. “You still have not given me your name and rank if applicable by the way,” he said, smiling.


"I am Commander Joy One, recently Chief of Science, USS Endeavor. I am currently between postings." Joy kept it dryly factual.


Commander... A genuine pleasure to meet you sir.” He turned to slide his card in the slot for access authorization to enter, stepped into the room, and motioned to the small table and chairs surrounding it.


"Hmm..." Joy considered. "I hope it will remain a pleasure." Joy slipped a tricorder off her belt, placed it on the table, and quite openly called up a program to record verbal conversation in the room. "First, I would like to apply for immunity from prosecution, or I fear we might have to talk about the right to remain silent."


Angel walked over to her recorder and turned it off, deleting the previously recorded statement from her, placing his finger to his lips. He began sweeping the room for any recording/listening devices. Upon reading the results, “It is ok, Commander, no bugs present. He closed and secured the door. “A necessary precaution we have to employ considering this situation. I as well as Commander Farrington are sure there are those whom would kill for the information discussed in these quarters. As for the recording...” Angel keyed the computer record button. “Computer begin recording on my mark.”


"I would prefer to have my own record... or I could insist on my own legal council, which would be one more set of ears which might not best be involved.” She hesitated. “You seem to like to push people, Lieutenant. I wish you wouldn't. Dealing with people doing Admiral Forrester's work irritates me enough without the petty games."


He looked on stoically. “First, Commander, with all due respect, I remind you this is not a civilian proceeding. Second, I am merely attempting to gather possible information that may be deemed critical in the outcome or the continuance of this court martial. Should we the prosecuting fall short in our endeavors to bring additional information into these proceedings, the ensuing trial in my opinion may proceed as it has been "originally" set to course. As for the comment on my personal approach to people... I apologize if you see me that way. We have little time to pursue the intricacies of decorum. As for Admiral Forrester... I as well as my Commander are not his people, or his flunkies in this matter... no, the contrary."


"You do know I am a Mudd Android? You do know that at Priority Three I have to preserve, protect and defend the Federation Constitution? Might you appreciate that I might be a bit stubborn about right to council and right to remain silent? Well. Actually, stubborn isn't the right word. I lack free will. I actually do want to give evidence, but things would proceed much cleaner if you behaved like Starfleet officers were citizens of the Federation and the Guarantees applied to them. Humor me. Let me have my own recording. Otherwise, I'll cross the corridor and talk to the defense."


“I understand your conflict in this matter,” he replied. “Please understand the need of absolute silence and security in this matter. The data we have been inquiring could and probably lead to either personal or career harm, or death should any of this get to the wrong "concerned " parties involved in this case. They are light years away, but have eyes and ears every where. I assure you Commander, both I and the Commander have the upmost respect for the Federation, it's cumulative members,and the laws we all have taken a sworn oath to protect and defend. We are attempting to insure true justice is served here, and the "Real Parties" involved here are brought to light and answer for their crimes.


“Should you choose to go across the hall as you stated Commander, you may certainly do so," he continued. "That being said, I strongly suspect you do in fact possess relevant data as it pertains to this case, I would be forced to have you brought in as a witness for the prosecution ..under oath and cross examination should you choose to do so. I would much prefer to just get a sworn statement from you instead, and not have you testify in court,that might bring up damaging evidence to the defense.


"Frankly, Lieutenant, I do have pertinent information, as otherwise I would not have asked for immunity. However, I am also concerned about your disrespect for the Guarantees and the fact that you are prosecuting Forrester's case. The reason I want that recording is for discovery purposes. What I tell you is going to the defense, and you have not given me any reason to believe you comprehend or will honor due process. You sound more like one of Forrester's special ops people than a trained legal representative. Now, would you rather do the interview, or get a copy of it from the defense?"


“All information will be shared with the defense in this matter, the recording in this case will be shared I assure you. He pointed at the computer. “As for my part in this matter, I was sequestered into this situation,as was the Commander, and at the very last moment I might add. We are not stupid. That in itself is without argument way out of place in this type of matter. We have had little or no time to adequately prepare, just looked to get the job done as it apparently has been carefully constructed to do. I and the Commander agree on this matter as a matter of fact. I have certain connections to black ops in the past, as so does the Commander. I assure you this is not the case here. We were literally dragged into this."


He hesitated briefly, then continued. “Computer, pause recording. Off the record if we cannot be allowed to get the data we need, it may go badly for the Captain on trial. I would much prefer this to end with minimal damage or none preferably to a Captains record. Now.. I am hot disregarding the immunity you ask for, and it will be granted should this data be of use and not just some kind of subterfuge to cover yourself and avoid possible prosecution, is that fair enough?”


Joy considered. "That will be fair enough if you put it on the record and get it notarized by the trial judges." She would consider his statement that his preference would be to not do his assigned duty later. She again reminded herself, she was not Professor Six.


Nodding in agreement, “then we understand each other, Commander and have struck an agreement”


An agreement, yes, Joy thought. Understanding each other? Perhaps another day. “We agree in principle, though if you insist on not allowing me a recording in my own custody, I will have the defense councilor present.”


Would a notarized copy of the immunity agreement from the judges suffice? If so may we proceed?”


“That, and Captain Halloway’s presence.” I am not Professor Six. I am not Professor Six...


He arranged these requirements, as Joy composed her thoughts.

Edited by Joy

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As counsel for the defense, Captain Thomas Halloway had just finished assuring his client about the events in chambers, as well as arranging an ex parte meeting with Commander Farringtion. Things had proceeded strangely, but not badly. He was not, however, so intent on using his charm to engage both women that he failed to notice Lieutenant Angel of the prosecution escorting Commander Joy One into an interview room.


In the Control Tower prior to his volunteering as counsel, another member of the Joy series had summarized the surrounding events and prompted him - intentional or not - to seek out testimony from Joy One. He wondered why the prosecution would be so interested. Perhaps Angel was just being thorough. After all, the rules of discovery demanded he turn over anything he learned to the defense.


He pulled out the chair for Muon. He wasn't sure what had prompted him to volunteer as her counsel. Certainly he had no great legal experience - ignoring his unpleasant experience with Cardassian jurisprudence. He supposed it seemed like the brass was being arrayed against her. He remembered Nickles comment as they'd stepped off Yorktown: "Muon screwed up and she's going down for it."


Surprisingly, he'd been irritating to hear it. It wasn't just a sense of "innocent until proven guilty" that rose like bile in his throat. His instinct told him she wasn't a rogue officer - probably less than he was. They'd only worked together briefly, during the investigation into Ambassador shiKatsu Raumuk's kidnapping, but he'd found her one of the more welcoming members of the senior staff. And now she commanded Aegis - a privledge he'd shared for six months during the war on the former station that had borne the name. He wondered if his portrait still hung in the Midway next to Sorehl and Bulloc and Meve.


He glanced toward the interview room again. He'd ask Angel about it soon enough. Now he had to concern himself with the courtroom outburst from Lieutenant Commander Hawke. Why she'd felt it better to shout out her concerns in open session rather than share them with the defense was unclear. Did she think he might be part of whatever conspiracy was rumored to be at work? At least the judges hadn't invoked their rights as a military tribunal to conduct the hearing in secret - that might come later. Still, he had no intention of letting this hearing get swept under a cloak of deniability. Between his meeting with Farrington and his planned call to Atticus Lochner, the region's judge-advocate general, he'd have to track down Hawke and pin her down.

Edited by Captain Halloway

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