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Guest Laarell

"One-Hundred Twenty Days, Pt. IX"

(The slightest bit of mature content)


Day One Hundred-Eight, evening



Laarell, in a revealing and short cover-up that masked an even more revealing bikini, headed to the main lobby.


No wonder people loved Risa. Everything -- or everyone to be more accurate -- she'd encountered thus far had been so easy! Even down to the masseur in the spa. Oh, so enjoyable.


Karjal was waiting for her, wearing far more casual clothing than he'd worn at work -- soft loose trousers that draped themselves revealingly along his legs, and a v-neck shirt open to the waist. "Ah," he said, seeing her, "so you didn't get distracted by the pleasures of our hotel? I'm not certain whether to be flattered or offended."


Laarell grinned. "Flattered, I assure you. The temptation was certainly there." Looking him over appreciatively, she took a step to one side. "I think I'm glad I didn't succumb..."


He offered her his arm with a polite bow. "I believe I promised to show you our beaches..."


"You did." Arm curling around his like a snake, she purred, "And which beach? I got a good look at the resort's private beach coming in..."


"I thought I'd show you the ... private, private beach." He smiled at her flirtateously.


"Private?" Laarell's face twisted to a grin. "Very private, I take it?"


"Oh, quite. Not that I mind an audience, but offworlders are often...."


"Oh yes. I know exactly what you mean." Laarell nodded knowingly. "Perhaps a few drinks before we head off?"


He laughed and snapped his fingers. A uniformed employee hurried up and handed him a small basket, then darted away. His lifted the lid to show Laarell the contents: two glasses and a bottle with water beading on its sides. "Champagne?"


The Orion gave him a smirk. "Perfect. I was also thinking along the lines of a sex on the beach..."


Karjal grinned. "Shameless! But I'm sure we can accomodate you."


"Again -- perfect." She glanced again at the bottle. "You seem to have it planned well."


Guiding her towards the door, he said, "When have you ever known a Risan to be unprepared for such things?"


"Never -- at least not by reputation." She shrugged, lightly. "I've actually never had the pleasure of a Risan's company before. I knew one at the academy, but..." Another shrug.


"Oh, my, then this is a first?" He smiled at her. "We'll have to make it memorable."


Brown eyes glittered. "What about you? I'm sure all the Orions practically pounce you."


He laughed lightly, escorting her down a flight of low, wide steps to the beach path. "Not exotic enough for their tastes."


Laarell glanced at him, surprised. "Not exotic? A Risan?"


"Like everyone else here."


"You almost sound... disappointed?" Laarell grinned. "At any rate, you're certainly the most attractive Risan I've seen..."


"I'm flattered," he answered, "and glad that I met you early in your visit..." A wink punctuated the sentiment.


"You must sabotage the cleaning staff for all the attractive women's visits," she teased.


A brief frown flickered over his face. "No," he said soberly, "and something like that should never have happened here. I do apologize."


She truly laughed. "Such things happen. I'm glad it did. I may not have even seen you, had it not..."


"Well, I suppose all's well that ends well, then." He led her out onto the white sand, towards the water. "And what do you think of our beaches so far?"


Laarell gasped as the almost blinding strip of beach came into view from the thick tropical trees. "Gods..." she murmured.


"I take that for enjoyment," Karjal said, guiding her down to the strip of firm damp sand by the water. Only a few others were about, lying in beach chairs, and a few more swimming in the warm water.


"And it's always like this -- weather always perfect." Laarell was grinning, dreamily. "What a world to make a home on."


"It actually gets boring, after a while," he admitted. "Did you know the top vacation destination of Risans are Ferengiar and Andoria?"


"Interesting," she commented. "Ferenginar, I think, would be beautiful. All that rain..."


"You might be the only person to think so, besides the Ferengi," Karjal laughed.


"And then there's something about a person covered in water I can't resist." Laarell grinned.


Grinning back, he answered, "Later. This shirt doesn't take water well."


"Oh?" A smirk. "We'll have to make sure you're out of it, first, then."


"I could accomodate that." They strolled along the water's edge, as the beach began to curve away from the hotel. There was a rope stretched at waist height before them, but Karjal merely climbed over it, holding out his hand to assist Laarell. "Private beach," he explained. "This is where we keep boats that are in for repair, and the like, but if we walk a bit further down, there's a lovely quiet stretch."


Gracefully (not counting a small stumble as her ankle caught) she passed over the barrier, and followed in step with him. "Convenient," she noted. "And quite pretty."


"I shouldn't bring guests here," Karjal admitted. "Abuse of authority, and all. But... well, why not live a little?"


"Not as if ill could come of it." Laarell smiled. "You own the resort -- you make the rules anyway."


"True." He steered her around a beached boat and then smiled, waving a hand at the cove before them. "Here we are."


"Ahh." Turquoise waters rolled gently against the pristine white of the beach, sheltered from the stronger winds. "Are the islands the resort's, too?" She pointed to a few small islands barely in the distance.


"One is," he answered. "One belongs the the resort that shares the lagoon with us, one is residential, one is a preserve, and the last is neutral territory."


"Preserve? Wildlife?"


"Yes." He slipped out of his sandals, picking them up to dangle from a finger. "The commerce ministry set aside a number of areas as wildlife preserves ages ago, when tourism started taking off. You can usually spot them easily enough -- it's raining."


"Ahh." Laarell nodded. "I suppose off-limits?"


Karjal shrugged. "Not sure if there's a rule on the books. Tourists never want to go there anyway."


"Strange. It would seem one of the most interesting places. But then again, I'm odd like that." Laarell blushed a bit, shedding her own sandals and feeling the sun's heat in the sand.


"Oh?" He drifted closer to her. "Prefer things... off the beaten path?"


"Oh yes," she answered in a murmur. "Always. The less-traveled road is often much more interesting."


"Then I'm glad we came here, for it's certainly less-traveled." He set the basket down, settling on the sand himself, and opened it. "Drink, my lovely lady?"


Laarell followed him down, reaching in the basket to pull out the alcohol. "I like champagne when there's something to celebrate. Otherwise it's a bit... difficult to get much of a buzz from, I suppose?"


"You don't think our meeting is occasion to celebrate?" He produced the glasses, giving her a mock-pout.


Laarell gave him a look of slight surprise. "Didn't I say it was perfect for this evening?" She held out hers.


Expertly he popped the cork with only a slight escape of vapor. "Well, then." With a flourish, he poured for them both, then thrust the bottle into the sand where it would stay upright. "To you, my star-bound visitor."


"To you..." She considered for a moment. "My host who happens to be gorgeous."


A faint blush dusted his cheeks. "My thanks." He tapped his glass to hers lightly, and sipped.


She sipped from her own glass, eyes not falling from his until she lowered the fine crystal. "A fine choice," she complimented.


"I'm pleased you enjoy it," he said, turning his eyes to the water where the waves were rolling in peacefully. "Perhaps later we can see about your other choice. For now... tell me of yourself?"


"Not much... interesting to tell." Another sip. "Starfleet -- you knew that. Been teaching for a few months and I have my closest friend from the Academy sharing a room with me," she commented, a little dryly.


"Oh," he said, "so I shouldn't try slipping in late at night?"


"I don't think it would mind." Laarell grinned.


Karjal blinked. "It?"


"Rock, Karjal. Horta. Janus IV."


He chuckled slightly. "You're rooming with a rock?"


"It insisted upon coming along." Laarell shook her head, slightly.


"Well, they say the universe is infinitely strange," Karjal remarked. "I suppose Starfleet must get a lot of that."


"Quite true." Laarell smiled. "You get used to it after awhile." Laarell was bold then, reaching out an interested hand to the Risan's chest. "I don't mind it. I like discovering new species," she murmured, softly.


"Do I qualify?" Karjal asked, loosening the tie that held his shirt together at the waist.


"Oh yes," Laarell promised, hesitant fingers pulling the fabric from his shoulders. "Oh yes," she repeated, quieter, spreading a palm over bared, hard flesh.


He set the glass aside, helping her remove the shirt, and ran his fingers up her arms. "Far be it from me to stand in the way of exploration," he whispered.


Laarell's senses tingled, and she held back just before taking his lips in a deep kiss. "Water," she murmured, and leaned back a little, gesturing to the rich ocean. "Come back and I'll lick the salt from you -- taste of Risa itself." Laarell's eyes went playful.


He laughed and got to his feet. "And what of you?"


Her eyes sparkled. "You'll never get me in the water willingly."


"I could force you..." he threatened, grinning.


"Hmm. I think you want me very wet, very quickly. There are easier ways, you know."


"Oh?" A light bubbled in his eyes. "And those would be...?"


"Find out," she commanded, gazing up his lean body to his face. "I guarantee that you'll enjoy the process."


A wicked look took him then, and he seized her hands, tugging her to her feet and against his hard body. "Ever made love in the surf?" he whispered in her ear, then ran lightly down to the waves, pulling her along with him.


"Also new," she admitted, a heated shiver running through her body. "Wild?"


"Very," he promised, dragging her into the water.


"Warm!" she exclaimed, surprised. "I thought it'd be colder."


"Not on Risa," he replied.


She smirked. "Everything's hotter, hmm?"


Karjal grinned back at her. "We like to think so."


"Hasn't been disproven yet," the Orion commented, wrapping her arms tightly about his waist.


He bent his head to kiss her softy. "You did say you wanted a Sex on the Beach..."


Laarell returned it with the same slow simmer of heat, pressing his lips open if not probing deeply. "I wasn't just referring to a drink."


"I hope not," he murmured, drawing her down into the wet sand and the surf.

Edited by Laarell

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