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Cptn Corizon

Excalibur Reforged

The table in the main conference room of Starbase 512 was standard issue. It had a silvery-metallic ring around the edges that encircled opaque plate glass. A carafe of water and several glasses sat lonely in the center. Around the table, two admirals, a captain and a man dressed in civilian clothing of dark hues stared back and forth at each other until the door slid open and the silver-haired figure of Captain Ah-Windu Corizon walked into the room.


“Captain,” the lead Admiral said with a slight smile. “I am glad you could make it on such short notice.”


“Of course, I try not to keep the Admiralty waiting.” He nodded to each of the people the room and took his seat. He recognized both of the Admirals—Myi'ama and Shanti—the captain, he assumed, was Serith Unfal, the commanding officer of the station, judging by his green skin and purple eyes. The forth person at the table though, the man in civilian clothing, he was a mystery.


“You know Myi'ama,” Shanti said with a motion. “This is Captain Unfal and Senator Karith.”


Corizon smiled politely offering his hand to Karith. “Senator,” he said politely before nodding towards Unfol. “Captain, thank you for your warm hopsitality. The crew is already enjoying themselves.”


“Of course, Captain.”


“I am sure you're wondering why we pulled you all the way from Amagori to 512?”


“The thought had crossed my mind.”


Myi'ama gave him a look as if to say, “like you don't already know.”


“Off the record,” Shanti said. “I couldn't be happier about the stunt you pulled at Wakith.”


“For the record?”


“You were never there.”


Corizon frowned. “I see.”


Myi'ama nodded. “I think we should tell you that you weren't sent there by accident.”


“I had a feeling.”


“Starfleet, ATAG and the Federation Council have been worried for the last few months that certain elements within our own government have been...” Myi'ama paused and looked towards the Senator.


“Playing fast and loose with the rules.”


Lifting an ear, “If Wakith is 'playing loose with the rules,'” Corizon said trailing off.


Shanti nodded. “They've been getting bolder.”


Unfol leaned forward, his third and fourth eyes blinking in unison. “A few months ago I ran across...certain elements trying to funnel supplies into the Tholian government into a resistence cell that had cropped up.”


“It took all the political wrangling in the world to keep Unfol out of trouble.”


“For doing his job?”


Myi'ama once again sighed heavily. “There's a lot we need to tell you.”




“But first...”




“I have some bad news,” Shanti said gravely. “We've been dealing with the fall-out from Wakith.”


“Fall out?”


“I told you...we've got a lot to catch you up on.”


“Apparently the same people who wanted you out of the Gamma Quadrant now think you're more of a threat to them here.”


“Oh really?”




“So what are they going to do about it? Strip me of my rank? Toss me into the brig?”


Shanti looked at Myi'ama and grinned. “Not exactly.”


Myi'ama smiled. “Looks like Starfleet Command has decided to honor your request to mount a search for the Founders as you agreed to do in exchange with help from the Dominion in dealing with the Scorpiad crisis.”


“About damn time,” Corizon said, a hint of triumph in his voice. “When does Oberon set off?”


Myi'ama took a deep breath, and Corizon gave her a puzzled look. “You won't be going on Oberon.”


“Those Sons of ....”


“You'll be going,” Shanti cut him off quickly. “On the new Excalibur-C.”


Corizon looked blankly from one to the other and just gaffed. “The Excalibur-C?”


“Yes, she's under construction now at the Antares Shipyards.”


“I am picking my own crew you know....”


“Yes, yes...all in good time. But we have a lot to talk about.”



Three weeks later.


Corizon sat in his office observing the construction of the USS Excalibur-C. She was going to be a fine ship, no doubt about it. Now she just needed a fine crew. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it with his people.


Speaking to no one in particular he began to rattle of a list of positions needing filled.


“Operations Officer....Lieute...Commander Laarell Teykier...”


“Chief of Engineering....Lt. Commander Tandaris Admiran....”


And the list went on, one by one he filled the positions on Excalibur with the crew of his old ship, filling out the orders and shipping them off for 'approval' from Starfleet HQ.



Two days later


“Captain,” Lt. Collette said, nervously to Corizon. “There's some problems here with your requests for officers.”




“Well some of them are no longer with Starfleet or are on assignment with other people...”




“Lt. Commander Admiran has left Starfleet,” Collette said pointing with a PADD. “And Lt.(JG) Victria is still tied up with Starfleet Intelligence...”


“Then draft Admiran back into the service,” he said plainly.


“And the Lt?”


“I've already taken care of it. Put the orders through and leave the wrangling to me.”


“Of course sir,” Collette said, mentally sighing. “I'll put them in shortly.”

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