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LeftEar JoNs



USS Excalibur NCC-2000B



Lieutenant jg. Left Ear JoNs had procured a free desk console in the main security offices, and was currently finishing up the requested report and assignment that Lieutenant Segami had given her.


Sniper exercises, as well as intruder alert drills and hand to hand combat exercises were at the top of the report to do listing for the upcoming security training. The security department, overall, had shown weakened percentage numbers in these three interest areas, so the feline concentrated on them and worked downward. The Excalibur security officers seemed to excel in co-ordinated squad tactical formations by contrast.


She also planned on relying heavily on Victria for the intruder alert portion of the exercises; the Caitian had reviewed some of the Al-Ucards past training vids, and had seen that the woman was downright unmatched when it came to dealing quickly – and brutally – with hostile forces stupid enough to breach the Excal defenses and board the ship. Therefore, she was a valuable, and fun, resource to tap for the security training. A feral smile lit the Caits features as she anticipated the gleeful mayhem that the training would cause; it would be good to shake up some of the greener security officers, get their blood flowing. Overall though, the security department was a good, solid group of officers, and Left Ear was glad to be serving with them.


Satisfied with the report, which outlined one on one training slots or squad pairings for the next two weeks, the brown furred feline signed off on the document and sent it off to her Trill commanding officer.


“Stuff that in your ear Lieutenant.” The Caitian muttered to herself as she logged off the console and got up from her chair.


Segami had hinted to her during her bridge duty shift that the two of them were due for a nice little talk. Now that was going to be interesting. The Trill was just angry that Left Ear kept calling him on his ass-backwards methods. Superior officer or not, the man had no concept of un-officer like behavior, and that drove her out of her ever loving mind. She just hoped her family would visit her on the penal asteroid after she told him what he and his Klingon riding beast could go do with each other.


JoNs placed a paw to her temple, taking a few deep breathes and recognizing that she was getting herself worked up again. The impromptu mission to that alternate universe had really thrown the Caitian for a loop. She knew that with time she would recover and re-adjust mentally and physically from the ordeal, but being tortured at the hands of a manic power military type tended to dampen one’s spirit for a while.


The security officer checked the chronometer, deciding to call it a day and perhaps check out the hoo rah rah gala event that the Fleet was throwing in honor of the Excalibur’s return. Lieutenant Commander Laarell and she had both mentioned that they were planning on attending, so perhaps she could track the senior officer down and they could join forces against the brass induced party.


A slight chuckle escaped the feline as she walked over to the officer of the watch, her hind paws making no sound as she moved. Per protocol, she would remand the offices over to the watch officer and be on her way. It was not until she was almost on top of the midshipman that he realized she was there, and he hastily minimized the holo-net first person shooter game that he had been playing. Her smile disappeared as she realized what he had been doing.


“…sir. Uh, Aye sir. What can I do for you.”


Left Ear knew that the ship was docked in the orbital facility, and that most of the crew had departed, or were departing for some shore leave, leaving the ship with about half the crew manning her. In short, nothing interesting was going to happen unless one of the worker bee drones fired at them. But that was no excuse for an officer to screw around on his watch.


The junior grade lieutenant merely crossed her arms over her chest, and didn’t say anything to the middy, content to let her green eyes bore into him for a bit. The dark haired human shifted uncomfortably in his seat and would not meet her gaze, but JoNs continued staring right at him.


Finally he ventured another glance at her, and the Caitian slanted a pointed look at his desk console. He hastily entered a typed command into the keyboard inset into the desktop. “… I logged out of the game sir.”


Her normally warm, purred voice came out cold…and it was the usual voice that she reserved for Segami, come to think of it. “Good. I am going off shift now, and you have the offices. Sign me out. Keep your mind on your work Midshipman, and by the way, you are on report.”


He was too stunned to remark, and JoNs quietly left the security offices in a whoosh of brown fur and security gold.

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