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Scott Coleridge

Name: Scott Coleridge

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Andoria

Age: 29

Species: Human

Rank: Commander

Height: 5'11”

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dirty blond

Distinguishing features: Small scar on his left calf from a childhood accident.

Current Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis

Last Assignment: USS Endeavor


Interests: History (mostly Earth), philosophy, computers, subspace theory, particle physics



Walker Coleridge – Father, diplomatic attaché at Federation embassy on Andoria

Katrina Straszewski – Mother, chef

Zoe Coleridge – Stepmother, diplomatic attaché at Federation embassy on Andoria

Anna Coleridge – Sister, robotics researcher at the Daystrom Institute

Ellen Coleridge – Sister, assistant art gallery curator

Barbara Coleridge – Sister

Kent Coleridge – Brother, member of the JAG office for Starbase 114

Matthew Coleridge – Brother, professor at the University of Andoria

Andrew Coleridge – Half-brother


Service History:

Entered Starfleet Academy

Graduated Starfleet Academy

Stardate 0709.30 – Assigned to USS Endeavor

Stardate 0711.2 – Transferred to Sky Harbor Aegis


Biographical Information:

Scott spent most of his childhood on Andoria. His father was a diplomat stationed at the Federation embassy. Constant exposure to Federation peoples and cultures gave Scott an interest in history at a young age. He initially aspired to study archaeology in the civilian sector.


When he was 13, however, his parents separated after his father's affair. As a result, Scott lost touch with his mother's side of the family, who have remained aloof, and Scott did not get along with his stepmother. Scott applied to Starfleet Academy at the earliest opportunity.


At the Academy, Scott discovered a passion for mechanics and computers. He studied science during his first year, still intending to become an archaeologist. He excelled at his elective course in quantum physics, however, and decided that engineering offered more opportunities. (His instructors were also impressed by any archaeologist who took quantum physics as an elective.) In addition to academics, Scott displayed prowess on the Academy's track-and-field team, anbo-jyutsu, and velocity.


Upon graduation Scott was assigned to the USS Endeavor as an assistant engineer. On his first mission, the Endeavor encountered an unstable wormhole and was heavily damaged. With the chief engineer dead and most of the other staff critically injured, the captain gave Scott a field promotion to chief engineer. Scott worked to repair the Endeavor alongside engineers from Sky Harbor Aegis. The experience gave him more confidence in his abilities and acquainted him with the reality of life on a starship.


Aegis' chief engineer, Eli Zhu, left a formidable impression on Scott. Although it would mean exchanging starship exploration for station maintenance, Scott transferred to Sky Harbor Aegis for the opportunity to learn from Zhu. He soon discovered that maintaining a station had its own set of challenges.

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