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"Absence Noted"



Something was definitely not right.


It was past dinner time.


And where was dinner?


Dinner was late.


Hmmmm indeed. Quite odd.


She looked out at the science lab, watching the doors. No one!


Now definitely very late. Shouldn't the green one be there to deposit food in her cage? Tentatively, an orange leg reached towards the side of the terrarium.


Food wasn't here. Green should have deposited yummy cricket!


Nor was the scared scientist who sometimes brought her dinner here. This was also odd. Perhaps the scientist was waiting on the green thing.


It would have been very nice for the green thing to handle her, showing off the splendid orange and blue of her body. She would have liked that very much. It was like holding court, leaving her lush jungle palace to survey her beautiful grey empire with all of the blinking lights.


Latching six blue feet onto the glass, Citrus settled in for a snooze, and wondered again where the green one was, drifting off to sleep with happy dreams of the African savannah.

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....the cat is not going near the science offices. Ever.

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