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Tristan Xenatos

"Ghosts of the Living"

Tristan fell against the back of the turbolift hard as the doors shut in front of him. His breath escaped in a small gasp. His head still throbbed and his muscled ached, but he felt as if he could handle it. The turbolift stopped and he walked out and down the corridor.


As he turned into main science he composed himself; however as he stepped through the door his composure threatened to buckle. He looked around at what used to be a science lab. It was true that the Engineers had gotten most of the systems up and running. However, the lab was still in shambles. After a few moments spent looking around, Tristan finally took a seat behind one of the functioning consoles.


He sighed, science was operational and the rest could be fixed later. This was a time of war…function over form and all that. He logged in and began reviewing the files from the last battle. As he worked he checked in on the bridge science console, which Maturin and Joy seemed to have well under control. He winced a bit as he reached the part of the replay where the bridge science console exploded. The pain of that flight and sudden stop against the bridge wall was still fresh on his mind.


No sooner had Tristan settled into the seat then he saw a blip on the radar. More hostiles were incoming. He switched his console to main sensors and watched as the battle began to unfold. Every shake of the ship was felt deep in the Elasian’s sore bones. Tristan turned as a support beam fell across the lab. Luckily it missed anything important and anyone in the lab.


After what seemed like an eternity the vessel quit shaking and Tristan watched as the remaining hostiles moved off. He quickly checked in on the bridge and then turned his attention to systems. The latest attack had not taken quite the toll that the first one had. One of the secondary consoles was down from a power surge of the still strained relays running through main science; but other then that it seemed most things were still intact.


Tristan sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. As he ran through the reports that had been added during his time in Sickbay, he came across one he was loath to open: The Casualty report for Science.


There had been quite a few injuries, but only two deaths. Ensign L’Ta, and Crewman Sicili. Tristan closed his eyes for a moment; he had not truly known L’Ta, but he had known Sicili. He was probably one of the few onboard who knew her as Maria, one of the few who was fortunate enough to be called her friend. She was married, with two children back home. He opened his eyes and closed the file. So it had started.


He looked around the lab at the faces that he worked with everyday. Most were busily bustling around, doing whatever job they had been assigned. In some part of his mind he could not hel but wonder how many ghosts he was looking at. He sighed as his eyes rested on one man. Ensign Matoney was a new person on the ship, it was his first assignment. Fresh, young, eager…the young man would go far presuming he lived through this.


Matoney looked up at Tristan and gave a weak smile trough the contusion on his lip. Tristan returned the smile despite the dark thoughts in his mind. But somewhere in the deep reaches of his mind he could not help but wonder whether or not Matoney was looking at a ghost himself…

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