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Guest Laarell

"A Time to Relax"

Gods, Laarell hated aliens with the predisposition to suddenly appear from nowhere. Hated. Especially when she was enjoying the comfort of the Center Seat -- there should have been a law against that. Then again, there technically were unwritten laws that arachnids didn't evolve to the point that they built sprawling empires, but that was beside the point.


She finished up parental duties in the Lab, deftly avoiding less-friendly-than-usual swipes from her spider, cranky from the ruckuss of battle. She didn't often think of it like that when she was swamped up on the Bridge with her own concerns -- the battles really did affect everyone on the ship, even in a lucky one when they didn't have any serious injuries, fatalities, or damage to the boat itself.


Yes, everyone had equal stake in their little conflict, and everyone had equal opportunities to be vented, vaporized, or trophies of war for an eight-legged, carapaced monster. Great life they had going on Excalibur.


The Orion made her way to the turbolift, speaking softly, as if someone might judge her for her destination. "Deck Eight," she ordered, waited for the lift to complete the operation, then maneuvered her way through the surprisingly-crowded corridors to the gymnasium.


Ahh... this would be good. Preparation for more happy hand-to-hand battling, and a good way to work out the aggression which her form was laden with at the moment. She made her way to the weights, and grinned at an attractive co-user of the gym.


Very, very good indeed.

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