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Tristan Xenatos

"He Doubted It"

Tristan stepped out of the Grail onto the main promenade of Camelot Station. The hour was getting to be quite late and many of the shops had closed for the night. The Elasian did not feel like returning to the Excalibur just yet, however, so he began to roam the promenade.


Maturin had left the Grail some time ago, after downing a nice quantity of scotch. Tristan had carried on a few conversations with other people he knew around the bar until the crowd thinned to nearly no one. Still he was not ready to return to the Excalibur. Maybe it was the rum, but he doubted it.


He felt restless recently. Since returning to alpha shift he had not been sleeping well at night. He paced his quarters, roamed the ship, anything but lay in bed awake. Maybe it was his body still trying to adjust to alpha shift, but he doubted it.


Tristan paused at the rail and looked down at the lower level. Recent events had been troubling. Things were reaching a boiling point and he could feel it. Something had to happen soon. Maybe recent events with the Socrpiads had his mind troubled, but he doubted it.


There was one thing not on his mind anymore. He was not denying communications from home lately. With the wormhole no longer under their control there had been no communications from the Alpha Quadrant. Tristan began walking again. There had not been the usual message from his mother, nor the messages on government channels from his father. Tristan had not heard anything from Laria in quite some time…


Maybe this was the reason…Tristan closed his eyes and tried to tell himself he doubted it.




Tristan turned startled by the voice. She was blonde, slim, and Bajoran. “Who is asking?” he asked, returning to the world of the here and now.


“Are you Tristan Xenatos?” she asked, crossing her arms. She was a head shorter then Tristan, and appeared a few years younger. “Listen I don’t have-“


Tristan held up a hand. “Yes, I am Tristan Xenatos.”


“Finally,” she seemed to sigh. “I have been looking all over for you.” She uncrossed her arms and seemed to relax a bit.


“I’m sorry, have we met?” he asked. He did not ever remember seeing the woman. But then again Tristan had met many people on and off of Elasia.


She smirked, but only slightly. “You look quite different from your holopic…of course it was a bit out of date.” She held out her hand “Tynte Meraina, pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


Tristan shook her hand, a bit puzzled. “Holopic?”


“Your brother carries one of every member in your family,” she replied. She apparently caught onto his confusion, for she continued. “I teach at the Bajoran Institute of Art and Music. I am a friend of Vincent.”


Tristan paused for a moment, not quite believing what he heard. “You are a friend of my brother?”


“Boy, nothing gets past you, eh?” She smirked and started walking along the upper level of the promenade. Tristan followed along. “Anyways, the institute sent me here to rendezvous with new instructor. Needless to say we have been a bit waylaid.” She continued, not turning towards Tristan but looking strait ahead. “You brother had mentioned that I might want to look you up while I was here. I did not think I was going to have time,” she paused at one of the junctions that led to the civilian quarters, “but it would appear that time is all I have at hand currently. We should talk sometime, Tristan. Your brother told me a lot about you; you should have the chance to defend yourself.” A slight smile crossed her face. She turned to make her way to the civilian sector.


“Wait,” Tristan called.


“It is 2 in the morning,” she eyed his collar, “Lieutenant. It is far past this professor’s bedtime. I saw you on my way back to my quarters, and thought I would introduce myself. We can talk later…I have a feeling I am going to be around for a while.” With that she turned and walked down the corridor. “Goodnight, Lieutenant,” she called over her shoulder.


“Goodnight,” Tristan called. He stood there for a moment, watching this link to home walk away. For a moment the thought crossed his mind that he may never get the chance to talk to the young woman; but he doubted it.

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