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Second Date

(This is actually an old log. It was just never posted on the message board.)



Maria stood waiting by the holodeck. A picnic basket and rolled up blanket rested on the floor next to her. She waited patiently for her dates.


Those dates, were running late. In their quarters, Alex was rushing around, trying to find something. "Martin! Didn't I tell you to take out your trunks and have them ready? Were going to be late!"


Martin looked at his father, grinning. "Dad, I have them on... but I put on pants over it. Would *you* walk down the halls in trunks?"


He laughed. "No, I guess I wouldnt. Come on."


A few minutes later, they skidded to a halt next to Maria. Alex smiled. "Sorry we're late..."


Maria smiled at Alex. She was wearing a pair of gym shorts and an old shirt. "That's alright. I wasn't waiting long." She bent down to Martin. "Hi Martin. How is my favorite assistant? Ready to have some fun?"


The little Zier grinned. "Always!"


"Good," she smiled back. She stood back up, looking to Alex. "The program is already running." She looked down at the blanket and basket. "I brought lunch with us. No waiters where we're going."


Alex winked, and picked up her things. "After you."


Maria smiled and took Martin's hand, turning to the door. When it opened, it revealed a large open area. They were on top of a small hill with a creek running next to it. The sky was clear and sunny, with a few birds fluttering around. Maria led them to a tall tree which gave ample shade, perfect for a picnic.


Martin smiled. "Wow! It's just like back on Earth!" He ran off and rolled down a hill in glee.


She giggled at Martin's happiness. "Indiana actually. Just over there, past the trees and field..." she paused a moment as she pointed, giving a small sigh. "is home...."


Alex looked at her. "Missing it?"


Maria nodded in reply. "Yeah." She shrugged it off for now. "But let's not dwell on that." Putting her happy face back on. "We're here to have a picnic, and after that we may go swimming. You did bring your swimming trunks right?"


He grinned. "We did."


"Good," she pointed to the large tree. "We can set up over there."


He nodded, and carried everything over there. "So, what's for lunch?" He spread out the blanket.


Maria took the basket opening it up and digging through it. "Well since I don't like meat," she made a funny face to Martin, sticking her tongue out. "And I didn't want to scare you with one of my vegetarian dishes." She pulls out a couple baggies, both containing a sandwich. "I made peanut butter and jelly. Grape or Strawberry, Martin?"


Martin laughed. "I love strawberries!"


Maria giggled, "Me too!" She gave Martin the baggie with the strawberry jelly, then pulled out two canisters from the basket. "I also brought tea, and lemonade for Martin." Grabbing a cup, she poured some lemonade for Martin, giving it to him.


Alex smiled. "Ah, this brings back the memories..."


She smiled sweetly, "It does?"


He nodded. "Not with my parents...but with the neighbors who took care of me...we'd go up in the hills and relax all the time."


Smiling, she looked around at the scenery. "I used to come here all the time with my brothers. This was our playground. Even after we all grew up and moved away, I always came here every chance I got."


Alex nodded and sipped his tea. "I would have loved to have siblings...." he trailed off and looked at Martin.


Maria scooted a little closer to Alex, smiling. "Tell me about yourself, please? I want to know everything, even how you met Martin."


"Well, you know I grew up on Betazed, with neighbors after my mother died. Sometimes it was rough, and I moved around a lot. But I always has one good friend, Old Mr. Teynor. He was a retired counselor, and was always friendly, and someone I could talk to. After years of knowing him, I realized that I wanted to do for people, what he helped me with. So, he took me to the nearest city that had a Starfleet office, and I tested to join up."


"That sounds so sweet. How did you meet Martin?"


He looked at Martin, who wasn't paying them any attention. "One of my teachers recommended that I spend a semester on a ship to get first person experience. My very first away mission, we discovered a pre-warp planet. We litterally beamed down in the rubble of some kind of disaster, and Martin was the only survivor we found. He was curled up in a locker, of all places, and we took him with us."


"I guess we took a liking to each other, and I asked Starfleet if I might adopt him, and they agreed."


She looked at Martin, smiling. "I'm glad you found each other. He's a nice boy."


He smiled and nodded. "Now what about you?"


Maria grinned shyly. "Do you really want to be bored with my life story?"


He winked. "Yes, I do."


Martin looked up at them. "Can I go and play now? I want to climb that tree!"


Alex looked at Martin. "You can go, but you don't want to make Dr. Maria fix another broken bone do you?"


Martin looked at her, smiled shyly, and ran off.


She sighed happily as she watched Martin play. "It must be nice to be a kid. You don't have to worry about things around you."


He nodded. "Yeah.....Now I believe you were going to tell me your life story." He grinned at her. He leaned back on his arms, just enought to keep an eye on Martin.


"Well...I grew up here in Indiana all my life, with my parents and two brothers. My parents have a farm just on the other side of those trees." She laid back, looking up at the sky. "Life here was pretty normal, which didn't sit well with us kids. We wanted something more. My brother Greg was the first of us to join Starfleet, Charles followed after him." Maria sighed a little. "But I already told you about Greg's death. It was the reason why I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to help people. After I graduated from the academy, I was put in a relief taskforce to help aid refugees after the war."


He nodded.


"And...there you have it." She giggled, "Told you it was boring."


He laughed. "I guess we both had boring lives...but not since joining Starfleet."


She nodded in reply, still staring up at the sky.


He looked over at her. "So, why did you have us bring trunks?"


The blonde sat up, pointing to the creek at the bottom of the hill. There was also a small dock and a tree with a rope swing on it. "This is where we always went swimming. I figured it might be fun to bring Martin here." She got to her feet, holding out her hand to Alex. "Care to join me?"


He smilied and grabbed her hand. "Of course." He turned in Martin's direction. "Martin! Come on over here!"


Alex followed Maria down the hill and watched as Martin rolled down, and stopped by the dock.


Maria bent down, removing her shoes. She grinned as she slipped off her shirt and shorts, revealing her blue, one piece swimsuit.


Alex smiled as he slipped off his shoes and stripped down to his shorts. He was about to say something, when Martin rushed past them, and cannonballed into the water, spraying them both.


Maria laughed as the cool water splashed up. She then ran, jumping into the water. As she surfaced, she smiled to Alex. "Are you coming?"


Alex was wiping his face. "I think you two have brought the creek to me!" He jumped in as well, but not splashing anyone. "Ahhhh, nice and cool..." Martin swam over, and splashed him. "Hey now!"


The blonde giggled as she swam over to Alex, helping Martin splash his father.


He laughed and mock protested. "Hey! No tag-teaming!" He dived, and swan under the water to tickle Martin.


The boy jumped and giggled. "Stop, stop! Ok, I'll be good!"


Maria just smiled as she floated, watching the two boys play.


Alex turned to her. "You still haven't gotten YOUR reprimand..." He grinned, and sent splashes her way.


"Hey! You asked for it." She began splashing back.


He grinned, and ducked, swimming once more underwater, and popping up closer. "Boo!"


Maria wrapped her arms around Alex, giving him a big smile. She leaned in and gave him a big kiss, but as soon as his guard was down, she dunked him underwater.


Alex let loose a few air bubbles in protest, and rose to the surface.."Oh, that's tricky...." Martin watched from a few meters away, wrinkling his nose. "Were you two going to...kiss?"


She giggled as she put her arms around him again. Maria smiled as she looked over to the young boy. "We just might, Martin."


Alex looked over at him. Martin looked at the two of them. "Ewww!" He dove underwater, and left Alex laughing.


"Boys..." Maria said as she kissed Alex.


Alex smilied as they kissed, and put his hands around her back, pulling her a bit closer.


It wasn't long into the kissing that Maria felt something fall on her, then again. She looked around as drops of rain sprinkled across the area. Soon the ice cold rain became a downpour. Maria frowned as she looked into Alex's eyes and sighed. "Oh no, I forgot the program's random weather matrix."


Alex sighed. "Leave it to technology to rain on our parade..." He looked over to Martin, who was already on the shore.


She smiled, as the soaked blonde gave one last kiss to Alex before she swam away to the shore. "At least we still had fun. Right Martin?"


Martin nodded. "It was great!"


Maria got out of the water, and slipped her now soaking wet clothes back on. She looked back at Alex still in the water and smiled. The rain just would not let up.


Alex followed them both, and hurriedly put his own clothes back on.

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It was actually posted on the mailstring about a month ago. But it was never posted here on the message board. It's a follow-up on "First Date" obviously. :)

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