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Where It's At

There's a destination a little up the road

From the habitations and the towns we know

A place we saw the lights turn low

Jig-saw jazz and the get-fresh flow


- Beck



A mighty shove and the door gave way. The team stumbled into the next room.

As debris fell around them, Lt. Atticus Segami began to feel faint.

He lost his presence. Rapid sensations flew through his mind at a million miles a minute...




Sunshine. Deliciously warm rays tanning his dotted body.


A Risian beach. Tiny grains between his toes, cool water surrounding him.


The longing eyes of the locals. So eager to please, so earnest in their lust.


Laarell in swimwear. Her smooth curves shown off, a cheeky grin on her face.


The taste of salt and cocktail on his lips. His tongue full of spices.


A fight over a woman’s honour. A man unconscious, blood leaking on the sand.


Kansas screaming in agony. Her cries of pain going unheeded.




A twist on his oxygen intake valve and the Chief of Security was back. It had felt so strange. It was close to a vision of sorts. His previous host Marya would have loved it all but it had nearly brought him to total panic. It was so real. In only seconds he had experienced hours.


But the Trill had to remember where he was, what he was doing. The federation depended on him to get this team through it all. He could hardly sit contemplating hallucinations.


But he wanted to…




He could still savour the sour flavour of the liquor.


And he could still hear the clear volume of the laughter.


The look in Teykier’s eyes, Victria waiting just inside.


And a royal prince’s tendency to bicker.


What was that dream, what did it all mean?


The more that he thought, he felt sicker.




Another twist on the oxygen pipe and he was back again.


What did it all mean? Nothing, nothing at all. Except for the fact that they’d wasted twice the oxygen they were supposed to have by now and he was going slightly space crazy. But he was fine now. He gave his helmet a slap and shook his head. He only then saw what was right ahead of him.


He lifted his rifle and aimed. This was no dream. And what faced him wasn't good.

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