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Ens. Jorin

Bio for Jorin Yuul

Hi guys.

I have just been assigned as an AMO here onboard the Reaent and here is my character's bio. I have experience with simming going back to AOL days and I am really looking forward to getting back on a weekly boat. I will answer any questions you have and I'm excited to see you on Thursdays.










Name: Jorin Yuul (formerly Jorin Fore)


Race: Trill (joined)


Age: 23


Birthplace: Trill


Gender: Male


Height: 6'2"


Weight: 205 lbs


Eye Color: Blue


Hair: Brown



Symbiont History:


Name: Yuul


Total Years Joined to Date: Approx. 175 years


Short History of Hosts and Joinings:


1. Morthana Garan - Female; joined at age 24. Morthana Yuul served as assistant to the Trill ambassador to Earth during her career. Died of natural casuses at age 68; total of 44 years joined.


2. Todon Ran - Female; joined at age 19. Todon Yuul served mainly as an envoy between the Trill Council and Symbiosis Commission. Died in a transport accident at age 43; symbiont scarred and rehabilitated; total of 24 years joined.


- Symbiont Returned to Pool for Rehabilitation Period of 28 Years -


3. Bak Hor - Male; joined at age 19. Bak Yuul went off-world five years after joining and is believed to have been an entrepeneur and restaurant owner on Earth. Chose to be voluntarily unjoined at age 75 upon returning to Trill; total of 56 years joined.


- Symbiont Returned to Pool for Supervised Rest Period of 5 Years -


4. Erin Ponnan - Female; joined at age 22. Erin Yuul served as the Under-Supervisor of Ecology, focusing mainly on Symbiont Pool Maintenance. Died of natural causes at age 72; total of 50 years joined.


5. Jorin Fore - Male; joined at age 22. Jorin Yuul left the Homeworld soon after joining in order to join StarFleet. *Currently Joined*


Service History:


Rank: Ensign


Assignment: Current - Assistant Medical Officer, USS Reaent




Family: Father - Torg Fore, 57


Mother - Yara Fore, 54


Siblings - Yarimi Fore (Female/Deceased)


Background - The Fore family is one of the more influential and wealthy families within the realm of on-world Trill politics. Torg, the father, is the contract liason between the government and the larger financial and contrsuction companies on Trill.Yara, the mother, was a financial executive before resigning to begin service on the Symbiosis Commission. Their first child, Yarimi was being groomed to receieve the family's first symbiont joining, but died suddenly of an unkown illness at age 8. Their attention then turned to their 4 year old son, Jorin, whom they soon enrolled in the Symbiosis Education program in hopes he would become a suitable prospect for joining.






1. Symbiosis Education Program


Curricula - a. History of Trill, Planet and Race


b. Symbiont Physiology and Care


c. Physical Training for A More Successful Joining


d. Standard Federation Secondary Education Program


e. Historical Record of Medicine within Federation Standards (Elective)


f. Bioligcal Study of Alpha Quandrant Life (Elective)


2. Starfleet Academy


Curricula - a. Standard Core Curriculum


b. Advanced History of Starfleet Medical Program


c. Xenobiology


d. Internship in Starfleet Medical Training Bay




Detailed Recent History:


Jorin grew up in a privelaged home. His parents were affluent, powerful, and quick to let their son know of his honored heritage. But, at the same time, they were also quite willing to remind him of their sadness at the loss of his sister and his responsibility to fill her now overwhelming shoes. By the time he was 15, he was an emotionally-wrecked stew of feigned narcisism, self-entitlement, and deep personal insecurity. In spite of all this, he was still granted a symbiont by the Symbiosis Commission, although some might argue it was more the will of his parents and their connections than his worthiness that earned him that privelage. Jorin's joining with the Yuul symbiont was more than a life-altering experience for him. His symbiont's reaction to his peronality was shattering. Jorin was torn between the way he was raised and had been acting and the wisdom and humility that came with Yuul. Another great change came as well. When Jorin joined with Yuul, he at once saw, experienced, and fell in love with the entirety of his former hosts' experiences, especially those of Earth and Starfleet. He decided to leave the Homeworld for Earth, and the Academy. He hoped that this would be the place where he could learn to grow, and become a host truly worthy of the joining he had received.

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