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"A Woman Driver and the Big Bugs"


USS Excalibur NCC-2004B

“A Woman Driver and the Big Bugs”

For a few seconds after the captain had issued the order, Left Ear mentally processed the fact that she was to take the helm. Yes, piloting was her secondary MO, and she had been trained to handle a variety of craft. However, a Sovereign class starship was a whole new experience for her; she had only piloted a sovvy in simulations. Granted, after one look at the helm console, her eagerness had pushed away any doubts. It was very much like an opportunity to drive a top of the line, blinged out hover car – not to be ignored.


After a quick conversation with acting security chief Segami and obtaining secondary permission from him (gods forbid, must go with the chain of command), she took the helm. She kept her phaser rifle within easy reach, just in case the bionically augmented “guest” that the away team had escorted to the bridge did something drastic. The Caitian was still was not sure of that whole situation, or why the away team commander had deemed it necessary to escort the being, or why the bionic being had been allowed on the ship in the first place. Bionic beings tended to be trouble…can we say Borg?


She booted the helm console up, bringing the systems fully on line, and then located a few choice navigation and trajectory programs to place on standby. The bridge activity was frenetic, but JoNs tuned it all out in favor of familiarizing her self fully with the helm controls...


…and oh my gods what in the name of the Praetors tutu was THAT!?!


The Caitian stared at the viewer for a few seconds, jaw dropping.


It was…it was…well, the thing was one ugly so and so.


The commander (and she used that term loosely. Maybe “Hive Leader” would be more appropriate) of the Scorpiad ship was currently negotiation (posturing) with Captain Corizon. The petaq looked like a bug. The Scorpiad looked like a petaq, not Corizon. The captain resembled a canine-type caught somewhere between a domesticated dog and a dire wolf in humanoid form.


Her paws flew over the helm console as she quickly inputted the necessary commands to run a library computer search on one of her secondary aux screens. The closest imaging match to the Scorpiad commander was an Earth arachnid of the same name – the Scorpion. The scorpion was ugly as well.


Left Ear spared a glance to the Orion Lieutenant Commander, Laarell, seated at the ops console to her right. She had actually been in command of the returning away team with said guest, and the green skinned woman seemed calm and collected, answering the Caitian’s inquiries, as if this sort of insectoid situation happened all the time. Perhaps it did.


Get a grip JoNs. They were just bugs. Really big bugs with access to firepower and from what she could gather from a patrol encounter with two of the engineers, remote controlled fighter craft that would bolt right through the hull at the first sign of a larger bug ship in the vicinity.


She got a grip all right, in the form of placing some evasion maneuver programs on command hotkey status for some quick access.


JoNs had tried to keep her attention elsewhere, but kept glancing at the screen for the next few minutes. She had to keep repressing an intense need for a high energy fly swatter. After some more posturing, bantering, veiled threats and the like, the thing cut communications with the Excalibur. Oh, now there is a shock. Uppity insect. Arachnid. The thing with the stinger. Big bug. Whatever.


“Evasive maneuvers!”


Apparently the little so and so’s were charging weapons.


That was all she needed to hear. The Caitian security officer punched in the helm command codes, and the big sovvy responded like a polymer steel butterfly on the wind. Oh gods, she was thinking in terms of bugs now! A leaf! The ship responded like a leaf on the wind.


JoNs felt her adrenaline go into overdrive as the Excalibur moved to square off against the Scorpiad ship.


The game was afoot.


Lt. (JG) MVess “Left Ear” JoNs

Assistant Security Officer

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