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Charles Stone

Ens Stone Log 0701.16

=/\= Personal Log =/\=

-= Stardate 0701.16 =-

Starfleet Communications Network

Ensign Charles Stone

Graduate – Pending Assignment

Starfleet Academy


::Getting dressed to start the day::

I've been researching the history of the Agincourt, the past few days, and I must say that perhaps the biggest problem I have is finding a good place to start.

::Pulls on shirt, pip falls off::

My first thought was to just listen to the last month or so, and get a feel for what they are up to, in case I get assigned to them. That worked for about 30 minutes, until I hit my first "Whoa, where did that come from?"

::Puts back on pip. Puts on sock, and pushes toe through a new hole in sock::

My next thought was to start at the beginning, as you heard me listening to the Agincourt's commencement speech given by Captain Davies just prior to the Agincourts launch playing in the back ground of my last post. That still may be the way to go, but there are so many to listen too...

::Grabs new sock, starts to tie shoe, breaks shoe lace::

As a case in point, I went back to trying to listen to last months entries, then the month before, then it occurred to me that Captain Davies is not on board anymore, so I had to scour the database to try and find out what happened to him... Argh. Who knew it would be so interestingly hard to get up to speed? Its far simpler to learn about the Agincourts Blue Alert procedure, the max and cruising warp speed, the number of torpedoes she carries. A 21st century Earth movie said "Thats what a ship needs, not what a ship is" and it would appear that is as accurate now as it was then.

::Threads new shoe lace and puts on shoe. Reaches for coffee cup and breaks cup against table::

Truth be told, it isnt hard, the problem is when you start asing questions, and wondering what lead up to this point. So I guess what makes it difficult is that it is interesting. The characters in the drama, as they are to me still not knowing any of them save from these logs, are what draws me into the story.

::Mops up spilled coffee, gets new cup. Reaches for briefcase with PADDs and notes from all this studying, handle falls off::

Odd to think of these people, and my potential future shipmates lives as a story, but right now thats what it is. Whats worse is its like listening to a drama backwards. You see where they are now, but not how they got there, so you start looking for how they got there and the story branches with the leaving (introduction) of a new (old) character, that you then cant help but ask why did they leave? How did they come to be on the ship?

::Looks at bathroom, and ponders day so far. Decides to wait a while. Now might not be the best time to risk it...::

I guess I'm not getting anywhere talking about it, and I think Ive done as much damage as I can here. Maybe Ill head over to the holodeck and see how Kevin and Danika are doing in their ship search.

-=End Log=-

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