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Maria Zier

Dr. Maria Zier



General Information:

Full Name: Maria Zier

Maiden Name: Kassem

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Human

Height: 5’4’’

Weight: 103 lbs.

Hair: Long, Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Teal

Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana, Earth

Status: Married




Alexander Zier (Husband)

Martin Zier (Stepson)

Julie Zier (Daughter)

Thomas Kassem (Father)

Mary Kassem (Mother)

Cdr. Gregory Kassem (Brother, deceased)

Charles Kassem (Brother)

Rikku Kassem (Sister-in-law)

Kairi Kassem (Niece)

Richard Kassem (Nephew)



Service Information:

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Medical Assistant

Assignment: USS Excalibur-C



Personal History:

Maria is the youngest and only daughter of Thomas and Mary Kassem. Her entire family was farmers, so imagine how the parents felt when all three Kassem children expressed interest in joining Starfleet. Gregory, the oldest, was the first Kassem to graduate from the academy. He led a very successful life, and quickly moved through the ranks to commander. Charles followed Greg a few years later.


Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Gregory’s ship was lost among many others at Wolf 359. News of Greg’s death struck the Kassem family hard. Charles resigned from Starfleet, and took up a job at a freight company that ferried goods to local star systems. He eventually becomes captain of his own ship.


A few years later, Charles meets a young woman named Rikku, and her young daughter Kairi. He marries Rikku, and a year later they have Richard. Maria instantly fell in love with Kairi, and spent as much time as she could with her.




Maria was still very young when Gregory died. She was very close to him, and knew that he’d want her to continue on to fulfill her dream. Maria vowed that she would join Starfleet, and use all she had to help those in need. This led her to choose medicine as her field once she became old enough to enter the academy.


Maria was in the top of her class in the academy, and in her medical studies. Surprising to much of the faculty, she kept right up with her Vulcan classmates. Some even joked that she was a Vulcan in disguise, others even joking that she was genetically enhanced. She was just driven to succeed, and not let down her family and herself. Maria was so far ahead that she picked up pediatrics and medical forensics along with her basic studies.


Not long after graduation, the Dominion War ended, and Maria was immediately put to work for Starfleet Medical. She has been involved in a handful of taskforces sent to various planets to aid in medical needs, varying from relief to disease control.


It was during her time in the taskforces that Starfleet Medical felt she was ready to move on to a new assignment, and recently moved her to the USS Excalibur.




While on Excalibur, Maria met and fell in love with the ship's councelor, Alexander Zier. After the battle for control of the Bajoran Wormhole between the Federation and the Scorpiad, Alex was injured and eventually sent to Starfleet Medical to recuperate. The Excalibur itself was supposedly lost, but in reality was transported to the Mirror Universe. It was during this time that Maria discovered she was pregnant with her first child. After the return of the Excalibur, Maria reunited with Alexander, and got married a few months later.


Immediately after the return of the Excalibur, orders came through that it would be immediately decomissioned. During this time, Maria was assigned to Starfleet Medical's Pediatrics Branch. It was just recently after a reunion of the old crew, that Maria was reassigned to the new Excalibur-C. While on assignment in the Gamma Quadrant, Maria gave birth to her daughter, Julie Alexandria Zier.



Personality Profile:

Maria is very kind and caring to anyone she meets. She works very well with others, and rarely gets angry. She always has a gentle smile on her face, even in the toughest of situations. Patients and other doctors alike have commented on her bedside manners, saying she has an angel like aura about her when she is working.


Maria has very strong family beliefs. She loves her family, talking about them a lot. She even brags about her little niece Kairi when given the chance. She loves children, one of the reasons why she picked up pediatrics.



Counselor's Report:

It should be noted that Maria suffered a recent bout of depression. Her daughter, Julie, was kidnapped by a race of green, goblin like beings known as the Boganary. The baby was eventually rescued and reunited with Maria, though a little green. Maria recovered and had returned to her cheery disposition.



Service Record:

0611.07 - Graduated Starfleet Medical and Promoted to Ensign

0612.03 - Assigned to USS Excalibur-B as Medical Assistant

0703.11 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

0707.29 - Promoted to Lieutenant

0708.01 - Assigned to Starfleet Medical's Pediatrics Branch after decomission of USS Excalibur-B

0712.02 - Reassigned to USS Excalibur-C

0901.04 - Awarded the Meritorious Achievement Award

0906.14 - Promoted to Assistant Director of Pediatrics in Starfleet Medical

Edited by Maria Zier

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