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Shaow Seval JoNs

<<< Level 5 Security Clearance Accepted >>>

<<< Accessing File>>>


Earth Command Profile


Name: Shaow Seval JoNs

Age: 26 (Terran Years) (Born 2128)

Species: Caitian, Female

Height: 5’6

Weight: 126 lbs

Eye color: Gold

Fur Color: Light brown

Hair Color: Copper colored mane, medium length cut

Physical Appearance: Muscular, Athletic build

Small scar through left eyebrow



Primary Specialty: Security

Secondary Specialty: Tactical

Minor Specialty: Bo Staff


Completed Training: Self Defense

Small Arms (Laser Pistol)

Compression Rifle


Basic First Aid

Space Law (salvage)




Mother: MVess, 54

Father: Rrowl, 53

Sister: VRess, 32

Brother: Srrett, 30

Brother: Vrrowl, 29


Personal Background:


Tribal name: Honorscar


Born and raised on the Caitian homeworld and the youngest of four siblings, Shaow was very much born with the proverbial silver spoon in her muzzle. Her family maintains a co partnership in a successful bio medics transport company, Lynxcis Transport. Her parents and all three of her elder siblings have a hand in running the company, but Shaow has no desire to serve in the corporate area.


Her life path led her to service in the Caitian military, with a concentration in the interplanetary merchant border patrol, completing a variety of training, teaching and regular tours of duty. Her last assignment was on a teaching and patrol vessel, instructing the Cait cadets in security procedures and unarmed combat. Her particular speciality is with the Bo staff.


With the success of the Interspecies Medical Exchange Program, Earth Command implemented the Officer Exchange Program on a trial basis. As a contact world, Cait was invited to participate. JoNs recognized the advancement and learning opportunities that the program would offer and applied. She received training at the Annapolis naval academy on Earth, completing courses ranging from Earth weapons and tactics taken from a variety of sources to piloting and history. This advanced training further complemented her training in the Caitian forces, and offered a glimpse into the human equation. Any additional training will be completed during her current assignment in the Earth space fleet.


Despite her military training and introduction to the human element she will be serving with, Shaow does have much to learn. She must learn to curb her in born aggressive felinoid characteristics, and she can be prideful, most often in the form of a willful stubbornness. Those she calls a friend however, she is loyal to and will protect with a fierce determination. If she is successful in finding a medium between these personality traits, using the more “aggressive” traits to her advantage, instead of disadvantages, she will mature into a fine officer.


Her free time, when she has it, is spent reading, dabbling in fiction writing, some travel, and honing her self defense skills and prowess with the Bo Staff.


Special cultural note: the scar to her left eyebrow carries with it the title of “Honorscar”. While serving on the Caitian vessel Howlcry, she put herself at risk when rescuing two fellow crewmates during an explosion. In keeping with Caitian custom, her vessel’s commander and the ships complement (and later her family in a separate ceremony) took part in a naming ceremony to bestow this title, informing all tribes that the scar was received for an honorable act. As such, any succeeding generations in her direct bloodline will carry this tribal name.


Service Record:


2145: Caitian Planetary Armed Forces training

2148: Training Cruise: CSS Howlcry

2149: Tour of Duty: CSS Shadowpride

2154: Tour of Duty: CSS Clawrend (tranining vessel)

2156: Transfers to Earth Command, Annapolis


<<<<<< >>>>>>

2156: Assignment: UES Challenger NX-05, Security Division

<<<<<< >>>>>>


* Character biography information is copyright by the author

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