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Alexander Zier

Alexander Zier

>>>Open File<<<


Name: Alexander Zier

Gender: Male

Race: Betazoid

Marital Status: Married

Age: 27 (Earth Years)

Height: 6 ft 1in

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth: Syndoll Village, Betazed

Distinguishing Features: Birthmark on back of left leg.

Parents: Mother - Lucilla Zier(Deceased) Father - Unknown.

Siblings: None

Spouse: Maria Zier, age 25 (Maiden Name: Kassem)

Children: Son - Martin, age 7(Adopted) (see History below)



Starfleet Service Record:


Service Identification: SJ-687-1526

Current rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Current Assignment: Counselor

Current Ship: USS Excalibur, NCC-2004-C

Commanding Officers: Captain Corizon, Commander "Left Ear" JoNs


SD 10000.00 -- Graduated from Starfleet Academy, enters Starfleet Medical, Counseling Division.

SD 10307.26 -- During summer semester on tour of duty, Alexander finds Martin on an away mission and adopts him.

SD 10606.02 -- Graduates Medical Academy

SD 10608.18 -- Assigned to U.S.S. Excalibur as ship's Counselor

SD 10612.17 -- Promoted to Lt. J.G. by Command Team.

SD 10708.01 -- Transferred to Starfleet Medical Main Hospital, Psychology Ward after Excalibur-B decommissioning.

SD 10712.02 -- Reassigned to USS Excalibur-C as Ship's Counselor.




Alexander was born to Lucilla Zier in the small, poor village of Syndoll on Betazed. His mother never spoke of his father, and always encouraged him to do great things. She died when he was 5. Until he was 18, he was taken care of by neighbors, some nurturing, and some not-so nurturing. His greatest friend was a wise old man called Teynor. With his help, Alexander learned to use his telepathic abilities well. Teynor also led Alexander to find what he really wanted to do. So when he came of the right age, he tested and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.


After passing all his basic courses, Alexander transferred into Starfleet Medical, and began studies that would ultimately lead him to a career as a counselor. His exceptional grades earned him the opportunity to study for a semester on the USS Cheyenne, with it's ship's counselor and medical staff.


During an away mission, Alexander found a crying young boy. He was the lone occupant of the town the team had happened upon, and was apparently left behind for some reason. The boy took an immediate liking to Alexander, and when it came time for him to return to the Academy, Alexander filed papers with the Federation to adopt the boy, now named Martin.


His request was approved, and the new father and son finished their way through studies at the Academy five semesters later. Two months later, Alexander received his first assignment, the USS Excalibur-B, as it's ship's counselor.


During his time on Excalibur, Alex met Maria Kassem, an assistant medical officer, and the two began a relationship. A year later, Alex was injured during the battle for the Bajoran wormhole, and sent to Starfleet Medical. After the Excalibur's accidental brief time in an alternate universe, Alex and Maria were reunited on Earth, where they remained for 4 months after the decommission of the USS Excalibur-B. The two married, and are awaiting a baby daughter.


Alexander and Maria currently serve aboard the USS Excalibur-C, as Ship's Counselor and Assistant Medical Officer.



Hobbies and Quirks:


Alexander is somewhat of a neat freak. "Know-it-alls" and bigotry are his worst pet peeves. During off-shifts, he can usually be found reading in his quarters, spending time with his family, or enjoying time with friends.




To: Starfleet Personnel Office

From: LtCmdr. Amanda Reyes, (Dr)

Re: Alexander Zier

CC: Starfleet Medical Records


Ensign Zier is a most astute, but caring individual, and it has been a pleasure to have personally guided and taught him in his Academy career. I see no reason to not allow Zier to serve aboard a starship or starbase. He does his job very well, and it is this doctor's personal opinion that he will do exceptionally well in his future assignments.



Dr. Amanda Reyes

Counseling Dept.

Starfleet Medical




To: Starfleet Personnel Office

From: Dr. Ryan Oberth, (Lt.)

Re: Alexander Zier


Ensign Zier has passed basic and intermediate medical training at Starfleet Medical, and is hereby licensed to a Nursing Degree in General Practicing. Zier is aware that, though he has this training and approval, his first priority is to Counseling, and that his approval to assist (as a practioner) in all future assignment posts are ultimately the decision of the post's commanding officer(s) and Chief Medical Officer.



Dr. Ryan Oberth

Head Medical Academics Dept.

Starfleet Medical



>>>End of File...<<<

Edited by Alexander Zier

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