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Kallah Ramson

Will It All Come Crashing Down?

sometime after Kallah has finished up in the Stellar Cartography Lab with Captain Sorehl......



It was a lot to digest. The overall plan was disturbing and she had serious doubts about the chances of one ship capturing something as formidable as a Scorpiod starship. What advantage they would get from the nebula and the device Corizon spoke of Kallah didn't know. She felt more than a little luck would be needed.


Then there was the matter of the fighter. Luckily, Lt. Commander Xavier had let her in on his ideas shortly after Excalibur had returned from battle. She had read up on every text and research paper concerning metaphasic fields since then. But still Crispin's ideas were well beyond anything postulated to date. But, she wasn't even sure the field dynamics would hold on his proposed space frame, let alone a stock Lancelot chassis. Ensign Ramson already knew at least half the weapon systems would need to be removed for space and power.


And then there was her primary concern, the defense of the station and planet. She trusted Sorehl's plans. Kallah was starting to really understand the respect her father had for the Captain. She knew from her father's memories the Vulcan's abilities but there was never anything quite like witnessing it for one's self. Now if she could get the fighter wing ready.


And that was truly where her concerns lay at. Her's was the only fighter shipped in tact from the Alpha quadrant. Squad one and two had been completely assembled but squad 3 was at half strength and none of them had been fully tested. And then there was the matter of pilots. Though maybe in a bygone era a fighter pilot was a glamorous profession but today the best of the best sought postings at the helm of the mighty Sovereign or Galaxy class starships. When the call had come up there just wasn't enough volunteers. And of those that did, over two thirds were just completing certification in the new models....back in Sector 001. She already had the crew manifests of every able bodied pilot in the fleet, searching for candidates.


And, adding to the mix was the mystery of the Scorpiod themselves, of their servant races, of the Dominion's withdrawal, the recent battle, what battled lay ahead. Kallah's mind was swimming by the time she stepped into her quarters, boxes still laying about in her unfinished attempts at unpacking. Then the silver frame caught her eye. She lifted it out of the box, the cloth covering it falling aside. There in the frame was a picture of her family. It suddenly hit her. She was cut off from them. It was very possible she would never see them again.


It was too much for the young women. She suddenly wished to be that child of eight resting against her mother's side back on Canar. Kallah longed for her father's smile. She wanted to be anywhere but here.


But her she was.

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