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You There. Fix This.

“You There. Fix This.”

Stardate 0606.28

Lieutenant Tandaris Admiran



Well, here we are again.


It had been roughly a year, a year and a bit since he had first come aboard Excalibur, and no, it had not been what he had expected by any stretch of the delusional misconceptions that had inhibited his mind at the time. The truth of the matter had been so different in fact as to cause doubts to his sanity.


Here they were again.


The ship had been abused. Pulverized by multiple weapons, barraged and battered by energy salvos until the hull was a wreck and the systems were pushed beyond their wildest limits. Yet what did they ask? For the engineers to repair her, because that's what the engineers did. Then they broke her again, because that's what everyone else did, or at least it seemed that way. The only reason they bothered repairing Excalibur was so that she could be sent out to get in another fight, get damaged again, need repairs. . . .


So, here they were again. Here we are again, finishing the repairs that would allow the vicious cycle to continue on, and on, and on, until one of those days they would not return.


But it's necessary to look at it in perspective, Tandaris supposed. He ran an isometric scanner over a set of relays and then entered the results into the database. They were above average. This was good. After all, it was very important that he repaired these relays, because if he didn't, then they would not be able to blow out again during the next power surge in a battle. It was necessary, he mused, to look at the big picture. They were dealing with an enemy who actually posed a threat to the entire quadrant, one on whom intelligence was still scanty. It would require a lot more repairs before their job would be finished, if ever.


The scanner beeped. “Uh oh,” Tandaris muttered. He had absolutely no clue why the scanner was beeping—he had not even known that the scanner could beep. Yet beeping it was. So in a fit of inspiration (and a furtive glance in either direction) he hit the scanner hard on the bulkhead above the relays.


It stopped beeping.

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