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((This log actually starts a few weeks ago))


I have long to accomplish a great and noble task,

but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks

as though they were great and noble. - Helen Keller


Juhdia watched as the final placement of the Geothermal power plant was lowered into the large hole, he had dubbed, the Pit. The actual escape tunnels would have to be drilled as each level was constructed. He watched as the geo-stabilizers were placed to help protect against earthquakes. Juhdia mused about if they had this technology back in the 1940's Earth, how they could have made the planned underground facilities that this one was based on.


Word had spread that the Romulans were too constructing underground facilities, but that was their concern and not Juhdia's. The Pit was Juhdia's only concern now, or was it. In the back of his mind, there was something else.


It had been days since Juhdia had off, working double shifts to make sure everything was going according to plan. They had come across their first problem when the power plant was lowered into the Pit. Sure it fit, but they drilled the housing of the plant to wide, so earth would have to be moved and placed, then set, this would add a day and a half to the scheduled timeframe.


"Ah, the wonders of building."


Juhdia had expected such delays, he even factored such things into the timeframe, not to make himself look like a miracle worker as was known of many Starfleet Engineers. But to have a real sense of how long this project would take. And now a month and a half was extended by two days. And he knew more days would have to be added, but that's what happens when you build something like this.


The other structures were completed and serving their tasks well, but once completed, the Pit would surpass all the current structures built. Or at least Juhdia hoped so.


Two weeks have passed and construction was going along, not as well as Juhdia had hoped, but he expected as much. There had been a few problems with the power plant, but that happens when you try to harness the raw forces of nature.


"Excuse me, Commander Xavier."


Juhdia turned to see Chief DeSoto standing by him, "Yes DeSoto?"


"Commander, I have an idea to help reduce time of construction."


"Well, let's have it man, you are wasting time just standing there."


DeSoto showed Juhdia a PADD, with his idea.


"Modular construction? This could reduce construction time by…"


DeSoto looked up at Juhdia, "By a week sir. Off my estimates."


Juhdia was pleased he had someone like DeSoto on his team, thinking outside the box. With DeSoto's plan of constructing portions of the Pit on the ground, then lowering the modules down by Shuttles and Runabouts, time could be saved and they were one step closer to finishing on time. Maybe even earlier then planned.


Juhdia saw to it that DeSoto's plan was put into effect. But Something else weighed deeply on Juhdia's mind. So after 3 long weeks of working double shifts, seven days a week. Juhdia did the unthinkable. He took a break and headed back to Camelot. To work on his other project, his little secret errand.


Two weeks later.


The Pit has been laid in place and finalization was taking place, with DeSoto's modular plan, a full 10 days had been shaved off the project. Of course materials had added another two days, but no expense was spared and the mass Replicators were working over time.


It would take an estimated three weeks before it was complete, but that would be adding the final touches of getting the computer core functioning, as well as the Replicator systems. But the turbolifts were working just fine.


Now it was just a matter of time before the Pit was ready.


But did they have the time?

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