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Yo ho, Yo ho.

"Captain!" the man's voice was hoarse and barely audible over the sound of the waves crashing up against the hull.


"Captain! We've an intercepter! 'Rect astern!" the man's boots made a stiff knocking sound against the damp wood of the deck. The man himself was somewhat portly, donning a dark colored shirt and largly puffed out sailing pants that only reached his ankles. As he continued to yell, spit began to spray over his long curly beard, which covered most of his face.


Reaching the bow of the Ursaeus, once a ship in Her Majesty's Royal Navy and now the fiercest pirate ship in the Carribean, the man tapped a taller man on the shoulder frantically as he gasped for air.


"Captain! You need to..." he said panting.


"What is it Mister Eisley?" The taller man replied calmly, still facing the sea, which was beginning to get quite choppy in the Carribean sun.


"Captain Craven, Sir. We've a ship attempting to intercept, closing in at twenty knots sir! What do we do?"


Jack Craven spun around, fully decked out in a raggedy white shirt covered by a jet black Captains' Jacket, fraying white sailing pants and boots as black as the bottom of the sea.


This is what he loved about this particular holodeck program: non-stop surprises.


With only a minute concern Craven begain walking with the stout Eisley towards the bow to catch a glimpse of their persuers.


"Hmm...a British vessel?" Craven inquired showing only a vague concern.


"Aye," Eisley muttered, "but we ain't yet sure which one it be, Cap'n."


Craven reched for the chest at the base of the big steering wheel at the bow of the ship which controlled the rudder chain and pulled out a telescoping spyglass. Proceeding to point it in the direction of the persuing ship he squnted and peeked through.


"Well I'll be damned. It seems the holodeck isn't without it's sense of irony." he said matter-of-factly.


"Sir?" Eisley was puzzled.


"The ship that is following us, Mister Eisley, is the HMS Excalibur."


"I'm afraid I don't follow sir." Eisley was now even more confused.


Sighing, Jack leaned on one of the sideposts and begain rapping a knuckle on it.


"No Mister Eisley I don't believe you would...hard to port, bring out the nines. Both sides. I don't want them catching us off gaurd."


"AYE!" Came the voices of the rest of the crew, who now were scurrying about, adjusting the sails and arming the cannons.


"Mister Dyne," Craven turned to his first officer, who was manning the rudder chain at the wheel, "I want the men to be prepared to mount a boarding party. If we get a lucky shot I want to be having a face-to-face with Captain Asche of the Excalibur within a fifteen minute window. If we take that ship, its going to the bottom of the seas, savvy?"


Dyne gave an enthusiastic reply, "Aye Cap'n, it will be done."


Within minutes the two ships began closing on each other for a side-by-side.


It was the Ursaeus that fired first.


The roar of the cannons was deafening, and pieces of lumber and steel were flying everywhere. The smell of the gunpowder was burning in Jack's nose, as suddenly he found himself on the deck.


He looked up to see one of his men go overboard. Bringing himself to his feet, he ran over to the cannon the man had just finished arming and fired it off.


What followed was what can only be described as an absolute pummeling of the British ship.


After only ten minutes, the cannons were silent, and Craven was staring face to face with the Captain of the Excalibur.


"I'm willing to negotiate the terms of my surrender," Captain Asche said hesitantly.


Craven gave a wry smile. This is the fun part. he thought.


"I dont think ye understand. Round 'ere mate, tis I who dictates the terms, savvy?" he said with a toothy grin.


"What do you want? Riches? Gold! We have gold! You can take what you want, just leave us be." Asche stammered, a bit nervous that Eisley was now standing behind him with a cutllass at the nape of his neck.


Jack now turned so that his back was to the British Captain, "Now what would we be doin that for? So you could hunt us down again I suppose?" now he turned back towards the shaking man and leaned in, "No and of course we be taking your riches, tis what we do, mate. But as for you and yer men...we won't be needin ya....savvy?" His eyes grew wide as Craven tried his best to make them look menacing.


This is far too much fun. He thought to himself.


"Dyne." he barked out.




"Escort our...guests over to "Mr. Flatwood" over there." Jack said with a cackle.


"Mis...Mister Flatwood?" Asche asked nervously.


Leaning in once more Jack smiled and whispered into the older man's ear. "means the Plank, Captain Asche." And once more he let out a cackle.


Just as he gave the order a comm beep interruped Craven.


What now? Craven thought to himself.


"Computer, pause program." and everything was still. The waves caught against the hull and hung there as if captured by the shutter of a camera, and imprinted in mid air. The sweat beading down Asche's forehead remained perfectly still.


Tapping the comm badge beneath his shirt Craven queried, "Craven here."


"Ensign Craven, this is Commander Sprint"


Sprint....Sprint....Sprint....oh the communications officer, right. Craven thought silently.


"Go ahead, Sir." Craven replied.


"Just informing you that you have been re-assigned to the Excalibur and are to report for duty at 2300, as per orders from Commander Corizon."


Craven's eyes widened. Finally, back on Excalibur. He thought. It had been too long.


"Computer, end program and save." The holodeck returned to its familiar black and yellow grid-shaped pattern and Craven walked through the door, still dressed in his pirate get-up. He was sure to get some eyes as he strolled through Camelot.


His battle with the British would have to be put on hold.

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