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Tristan Xenatos

"Ideals in Action"

"Ideals in Action" SD 20605.7




Tristan walked along the surface of the planet Avalon. He strode though the area which had come to be called Construction Site Alpha sometime early in the colonization phase. Ensign Queslar did have a point, the planet’s natural state was beautiful. However, beauty rarely served purpose, and this planet had a very important purpose indeed.


As he walked the site, it amazed him how quickly the project was coming along. Inner frames and skeletal structures of buildings were beginning to take shape, and the outline he had viewed in Lt. Commander Itzhak’s office was beginning to emerge physically on the planets surface. He ducked underneath a metal triangular shaped frame being carried to one of the nearly completed outer structures.


Tristan crossed what, for all intents and purposes, was the center hub of the new colony. All around he saw men and woman, mostly Starfleet, working on their various projects. They all worked apart from one another or in small groups. But their mission and goal was the same: To colonize Avalon. It was as he noted this situation that it struck him exactly what was happening here. His feet were planted on what was to become the first Federation Colony in the Gamma Quadrant. He was standing on history itself.


He paused at one of the temporary housing sections. This was the exact reason he had requested posting aboard the Excalibur. The overarching mission on every vessel in the Federation was ‘To discover strange new worlds’ ‘To seek out new life’ ‘To boldly go where no man had gone before’. This mantra however had become mere words, mere writing on a plaque to many of those in Starfleet. Tristan turned around as a sudden breeze whipped his hair into his face. He took in his surroundings, he watched as the men and women around him built the future. He watched as the wild and untamed melded with the civilized world. This was what those sacred words spoke of. What he was witnessing was the physical embodiment of those ideals.


“Ensign,” someone behind him spoke. He turned by force of habit as did three others near him. “Ensign Xenatos?” The voice spoke again, this time Tristan saw the source of the sound, a Lieutenant walking towards him.

“Yes sir?” Tristan responded.


“Commander Itzhak said you might be able to give us a hand on some of these prefabs.” The man said as he indicated a cluster of buildings under construction.


“Of course,” Tristan replied. The lieutenant nodded and began walking towards the buildings.


Tristan followed, taking one more look over his shoulder back at the central hub of the colony. As he neared the prefabs, he moved his attention away from the higher meanings of what they were doing here and back to the task at hand. He grabbed hold of a piece of frame and helped lift it into place, returning to his small part in this big picture.

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