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Schawnsee Bio

Character bio


Name: Schawnsee

(Human name Katherine Swan, nick named Kat)

Race: Human / Native American

Height: 5'

Weight: 145 lb.

DOB 750320.0

Eye color: brown

Hair : Black worn in pigtails low on back of head, braided

Parents: (father) Running Horse

(mother) Cassandra Swan



Kat was born on Earth on an Indian reservation but was moved when she was only 4 months old. Her parents wanted her to learn the ways of the Indians but were reluctant to teach them to her for fear she would be made fun of when she attended school. So they decided that they would tell her when she was old enough, and was able to make the decision for herself. Kat did well in school and graduated with honors.

When she became of age, her parents told her of her heritage and at that point she chose her Indian name Schawnsee, meaning Little Spirited one, with the help of her Grandfather the chief. Kat then expressed interest in joining Space fleet and becoming a security officer. She liked the thought of trying to be a peace maker. She learned a bit about her heritage and then went to Spacefleet Academy. Upon graduation she was given orders to report to the USS Hood as a security officer.


Medical History

Katherine had a bout of the Old fashioned measles when she was 10 and it is not known if there was any lasting affects of this disease.

  The doctors on the Hood have found out of her disorder and try to keep tabs on her. She tryed to hide it but it was found when she had been away on an away mission and her medicine bag was taken from her. Apon arrival back on the ship she was very ill. When she as alone she had one of her officer retrieve the spare she had in her office. She managed to prepare her meds and take them without the med staff seeing her. It was only after the med staff conducted a second scan that they found the new substance in her system and quized her about it. She was reluctant on telling but was given an alternative. Tell? or be released from Spacefleet. She didnt want this so she revieled her condtion to the CMO and the CO. The Disorder is in her blood, If her herbs  or a snythetic medication administerd  by a medical personal is not taken on a regular basis, her blood starts forming crystals and the circulation starts slowing. She can go into a type of comma or even die from lack of critical oxygen being moved in her body.

Kat has recently been given a cure for her disorder. Her Grandfather had found a cure and given it for delivery to a young Warrior son of another Tribal Chief. This son was a good freind of Kat and knew of where to find her within Star Fleet. <<reference. "Whats done on Risa Stays on Risa">>





Kat was transferred to the USS Tango and placed as that vessels Chief Of Security. Kat handled this post well. She did her best to keep the officers on the ship safe and the ship secure. An Incident happened which lead Kat to being set up for a court martial.

After the tribunal Admiral Anderson spoke with Kat about the options available to her. She could either leave Star Fleet all together with a dishonorable discharge or take him up on an offer. He offered her a complete reduction in rank and a complete move to another vessel. She was not to speak of this to anyone. She had to go to the Tango, gather her things and leave. Anything more could be bad for her as well as the crew she spoke to. Kat did as she was told. She collected her things, and then went to report to her new post. She would have to start all over. At least she had a new start and didn't end up in Rura Pente' or worse.

  <<reference "And Justice for All">>



Psychiatric Profile

      Katherine is a well balanced individual and is very willing to learn. She gets along well with pretty much everyone she meets. She is notably shy when first introduced but seems to get over it in short order. The only trouble ever noted was when a fellow Cadet started making fun of her heritage and she fought in defense of her honor, seriously injuring the criticizing cadet. She was placed in detention for 3 days for the incident and has never shown any other trouble. She has learned, after this incident, to control herself very well. She is very devoted to her duties. This does sometimes get her in trouble.





Promoted to Ens 9910.13 By HOST OGF Huff USS Hood

Promoted to Ltjg 9912.18 By Captain Huff USS Hood

Promoted to Lt 0005.06 By Captain Huff USS Hood

Promoted to Lt Cmdr by Captain Huff USS Hood

Promoted to Cmdr and transferred to USS Tango  030530   

Demoted to Ensign by Admiral Anderson 060425

Assigned to the USS Reaent under the command of Captain Fred Micheals and Cmdr Ridrie 060426

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