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Tristan Xenatos

Tristan Xenatos

=/\= Begin Starfleet Personnel File =/\=


=/\= Begin Personal Information =/\=


Surname: Xenatos

First Name: Tristan

Age: 27 Terran Years

Species: Elasian

Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Assignment: USS Excalibur-B

Position: Assistant Science Officer

Commanding Officers: Admiral Wayne Day, Commander Ah-Windu Corizon

Hair Color: Chestnut

Eye Color: Deep Green

Height: 1.88 Meters

Weight: 74.84 Kilograms

Distinguishing Features: Permanently tanned skin, (Due to living in an Island culture).

One small circle shaped burn scar on his left upper chest.

Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth: Malata, Corineth

Planet of Birth: Elasia


=/\= Begin Family Tree =/\=


Father: Viktor Xenatos (Leading member, Council of 6)

Mother: Nynia Xenatos

Siblings: Sister: Trania Xenatos (Junior council member, Junior Council of 12) Brother: Vincent Xenatos (Professor of Sculpture and Monumental Art, Bajoran Institute of Art, Bajor). Sister: Laria Xenatos (Student)


=/\= Begin Personal History =/\=

Hailing from the island region of Corineth, on the planet Elasia, Tristan Xenatos is the son of Viktor and Nynia Xenatos. His childhood years were spent, for the most part, mainly on the small island nation to which he was born. This is not to say that he is un-traveled. Being the son of a distinguished member of the Council of 6, one of the most powerful governmental bodies in Corineth, Tristan’s childhood mostly consisted of political soirees, parties, and diplomatic dinners. Due to this, Tristan is well versed in all areas of political and diplomatic knowledge.


However, though naturally gifted at politics and diplomacy, Tristan chose not to follow his father into Corineth political system. Instead he chose to study abroad, learn about the galaxy. He spent much of his life past the Terran age of 16 in various schools and universities, starting out with the best education Elasia had to offer. By the time he had turned the Terran equivalent of 23, he had already attended and earned degrees from renowned institutes on both Betazed and Bajor.


It was at this point in his life that Tristan made his first visit to the Earth, and the United Federation of Planet’s governing council. He went as a member of a political envoy headed by Takala Mraan, another member of the Council of 6. Having studied on multiple Federation worlds, Tristan was of course familiar with the organization. However, as he went to the political dinners, multiple meetings, and even a session of the UFP Council itself, he found himself intrigued.


Tristan decided then and there to enter Starfleet Academy. Having degrees in physical science, theoretical science and philosophy, he was quickly accepted into the Academy. Pursuing a career in the sciences was the natural choice for Tristan. And having studied the subject matter extensively already, he passed most of the courses with relative ease. Though this is not to say he did not have his setbacks and challenges at the Academy.


Upon graduation, he requested and received a post aboard the USS Excalibur-B.






=/\= End Personal History =/\=


=/\= Begin Psychiatric Profile Subject: Tristan Xenatos =/\=

Ensign Xenatos has all the makings of a great politician. All the makings that is, except for his unbridled disdain for what he calls ‘shadow games and pointless posturing’. Being raised by a man in the field of politics, Tristan is quick thinking, and sharp tongued. This tongue has been known to get him into more then one bad situation.


Personally and privately, he is a confidant (sometimes to the point of near arrogance) and self assured person. He possesses great tact when he thinks before he speaks, but he has a bad tendency fire back cruelly and condescendingly to anyone who chooses to argue with him when he is upset.


This Doctor, considering this and much more, sees no reason that Mr. Tristan Xenatos cannot serve aboard any of our vessels.


Dr. Mary Yala, Starfleet Medical





=/\= End Psychiatric Profile =/\=


=/\= Begin Medical History =/\=


Mr. Xenatos has suffered no major ailments or injuries notable enough to list here. A listing of minor ailments and injuries follows.


Broken Left Wrist: Sustained at the terran age of 12 on a class field trip to Mount Cal’tra.


Broken Nose: Sustained at the terran age of 17 during a debate team meet. Sustained from a member of the opposing team.


Broken Right Ankle: Sustained during his first year at the Academy during the semi-finals of a Velocity tournament.


=/\= End Medical History =/\=


=/\= End Personal Information =/\=


=/\= End Starfleet Personnel File =/\=

Edited by Tristan Xenatos

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