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Dominick Pneuma Bio.






Starfleet Personnel Bio


Name: Pneuma, Dominick R.

Species: Betazoid

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 190lbs.

Parents: Unknown

Foster Parents

Pneuma, Walter R

Pneuma, Jane



The mystery surrounding the parents of mister Pneuma is still on going. They Gave birth to Dom during a shore leave and were apparently called to return immediately. That was the last time anything was ever heard of them. A family from Earth adopted Dom and raised him as their own.

As Dominick grew he found it difficult to fit in with the other Kids partially because of him being a Betazoid but mostly because from the time he learned that his parents were in Starfleet He wanted to join. While other kids were being kids Dom was often training or studying so that one-day his dream could come true. When the day came that he was accepted to the Academy he was overjoyed.

As he progressed through the academy Dom made up for lost time and made a lot of friends. He enjoyed his time at the Academy and the day he graduated was one of the happiest days of his life.


Medical History:

Age 7 Broken Nose Nose was repaired, Scarring is still Visible across the bridge of his nose.

Age 17 Broken Leg Bone was reset and healed appropriately. Experiences mild pain in very humid conditions.

Age 19 First-Degree Burn the burning was minor and was treated promptly. Dominick was reprimanded for playing phaser tag. Minor burn scars have been seen during routine check-ups that follow suit with low intensity phaser fire.



Psychological Evaluation:

Dominick is a very interesting character to say the least. Due to his lack of time on Betazed, His empathic abilities are not as advanced as they should be. He is constantly trying to improve his abilities. I suggested that he spends a year on Betazed to enhance his empathy but he would not. He wanted to jump right in to Starfleet and could not pass up the chance to serve on a ship. The downside of this inexperience is that under times of duress and high emotion he can quickly become overwhelmed. Still he is very dedicated to whatever he is doing.



Dom enjoys being around people and just having fun. He loves to talk and is always willing to learn. Dom keeps a dog, a beagle, Named Cherub which he has had since it was a puppy. Occasionally he will play with Cherub and take him on hunts on the holodeck. He also practices his empathic abilities on Cherub.


Service Record:

Entered Starfleet Academy 0575.5

Graduated Starfleet Academy 0599.99

Signed onboard U.S.S. Reaent 0602.2

Edited by Pneuma

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