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When The Man Comes Around

“There’s a man going round taking names.

And he decides who to free and who to blame”

- Johnny Cash






As the runabout speeds towards the wormhole on autopilot, I examine the two PADDs gripped between my fingers and ponder. One contains details on a vicious murderer’s appeal hearing and the other is a set of new orders from the desk of Captain Sorehl.


The appeal hearing concerns a past event that has weighed heavily on my mind as of late. Ton Lyna plans to trade valuable information for his freedom and my testimony could help make sure that doesn’t happen any time soon. If I play my cards right I’ll be damning him back to a cell, knowing that he deserves nothing less. I don’t care what names he knows, what events he witnessed or how much he thinks he’s been rehabilitated by the state, he has maliciously hurt people before and he will do it again at the first chance he gets. Release is not a sane option. I cannot stand the thought of him breathing fresh air and walking on soft ground after what he has done. I just can’t.


Every single day it hurts to know that the codes I work and live by forbid me from taking Ton’s life on that day he savaged Kathleen but I can take solace in the fact that now I can keep him where he belongs. Its vindictive to feel like this and surely goes against what a civilized man should feel...but there are always exceptions to rules and I know this is one of them. He killed my girl.


However, there is someone who I have mistreated in this matter and I’m a bit ashamed it. When received news of the appeal this morning, it pierced my heart and I thought to myself “How can this possibly be?”. It burned, knotted and twisted my insides up and though I’ve calmed down in the last few hours, when I first got the message I was positively livid. I went straight to the bar on Camelot and I rudely demanded a bracing glass of whiskey.


The Ferengi bartender, Mog, tried to be polite and courteous but I seemed to find fault in everything he did. When I remembered the strange noises I had heard in the bar on a previous evening I informed Mog of them to which he replied that they were caused by rats. I mocked him for this obvious sanitation problem until the co-owner of the bar, a Mr…


What was it? Yes, John Kroells.


He decided to speak with me and when I say speak I mean it in the loosest terms. We proceeded to hurl threats at eachother of a violent nature and I swear it would have come to physical blows if it were not for Commander Graham’s prompt arrival outside. I left the bar and thankfully no blood was spilt.


Even though I acted like a Klingon with more pride than brains and feel that I should apologise to Mr. Mog for giving him a hard time, I believe that Mr. Kroells is, to be honest, a bit of a firebrand and deserves no such manners. The moment I mentioned the bar’s rat problem I could see him twitching and getting hot under the colour and he was definitely beginning to see red the more I mentioned it. This is preposterous though, as he can hardly get angry with the clientele for pointing out major faults in health standards like that can he? Come to think of it though, the lady I’ve seen him once or twice with, our operations officer, began to twitch too and I hardly think she’d be all that ashamed of-





Oh my.



I’ve gone eight lives before. Long enough to know “that look”. And the look the lieutenant was giving could just have been it!



Naaah. It couldn’t have been. I’m probably just being silly.




But it would be hilarious if I wasn’t! I mean, the local barkeep?! It would explain the noises at least! And Kroells getting so worked up! Woah.



Ahem. Anyway the other PADD I have is a new set of orders from the top brass. Its the kind of career boost every Starfleet officer craves, a chance to command an entire starship department. I’ve been assigned to the USS Ardent to lead security and man tactical. It’s a special mission and the details are sketchy but I suspect it has something to do with the Scorpion creatures we encountered earlier. However until I am given any more information it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll be doing, we could be arranging flowers for all I know. I suppose I’ll have to wait till I get back from this trip, hopefully happy in the knowledge that Ton Lyna is behind bars.



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