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Zafira Terios

Couldn't Be Helped

"Couldn't Be Helped"

Log entry 03: SD 10603.31


As if it wasn't bad enough for poor Zafira, he had to get his arse handed to him by the Captain. Naturally, the Bajoran felt at a loss over the deaths of his comrades. So many of them gone in an instant. A short time, where there was no possible way for him to react.


Damn it all. It should have been him piloting that shuttle not V'Roy. In all his years in service, Zafira hadn't lost a single person in escort missions. And now, because he let his guard down for a fraction of a second, the majority of the Reaent's Senior staff had vapourised in a flash, reduced to nothing now except particles of shuttle debris.


Perhaps if he had time to analyse that alien probe that suddenly appeared near the shuttle, he might just had determined it a threat and take care of it, before it had a chance to fire on the hapless shuttlecraft. If Zafira could turn back the clock, he would do so in a heartbeat.


But even with 24th century technology, that just was not possible. But then again, Picard and Kirk did it before..maybe.. No! Thought Zafira shaking his head. Who am I kidding? They were gone now, dead as a door nail, as far as he knew. Zafira didn't need a stern lecture from the Captain to make him feel remorse and guilt over his lapse of judgement.


His own conscience was plauging him far worse than anybody could. Zafira worked tirelessly, going through the fighter's sensor and flight recording data, to try to find something that could explain why the prbe fired so suddenly, or how it was able to blow up the shuttle. He felt he owed them that much.

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