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Guest Laarell

"Admire From Afar"

"Admire From Afar"

Citrus Teykier

Ship's Nuisance




For an instant, Citrus was not soaring through the stars aboard the USS Excalibur. Back in her native Africa, the small tarantula attacked insect after insect. She could taste their crunchy exoskeletons as her fangs sunk into them.


All too soon, the Usambara spider awoke as heavy vibrations shook the room. Opening one of her many eyes, she peered at the uniformed body that stood in front of her home.


On display, she was. And the hammy little tarantula loved every moment of it. Despite having the peaceful slumber of her nap interrupted, Citrus loved being the center of attention. Without hesitation, she assumed a showy attack posture, making certain that her fangs glistened in the dull lighting of the Lab.


Will that thing feed me?


No, she didn't think so. That green thing usually fed her, and always seemed to think that she was worthy of touching Citrus' gleaming carapace. Greeny never seemed to learn its lesson, though. She'd been biting that hand ever since the first time she was let out of her shipping box.


Suddenly, the cocky little spider began hissing wildly. Loud, loud noises were echoing through the room. She bristled, recoiling in disgust. The thing should have more respect for her! Be speaking in awed, hushed tones! Could it get worse?


It got worse. Strange Thing decided to open the lid to her cage. This pleased Citrus. Not only would she be able to get a better look at Thing, but she could teach Thing a thing or two about spider etiquette.


Closer ... closer...


The fleshy hand descended from the roof of the tarantula's little home like an evil demon from an Orion myth.


Almost in reach...


She sunk both little fangs as deep into Thing's finger, depositing as much venom as was possible while still leaving enough to kill dinner that evening.


That will teach Thing the concept of 'admire from afar'...


She scuttled back into her webbed off corner at the back of the cage, neatly tucking each of her eight legs under her. Back to a nap...

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